Loving you is red~

Loving you is red..

I groaned as my phone dingedto wake me up with a text. I reached over to grab it, and my heart stopped as I realized it was from Saxon.. he was wondering what I was doing today. Luke and I had been texting since my party- and he was so cute and charming, but he didn’t make my heart twitch as Saxon unfortunately did… You could say I was conflicted.

I left the iMessage sitting there, and walked up to get my slippers on so my feet wouldn’t get cold as I WebCamed the girls.

I was surpised to see as Rachel answered she was already dressed, “Nie jacket, Rach,”I said taking in the new military style coat. She smiled and teased,”Nice PJs, Ror.” I childly stuck my tongue out at her- it was too early to come up with a quick comback.

We all signed off and I got dressed in a simple white crochet-style sweater with a dark brown cami underneath, dark skinny jeans, light gray scarf, and new RL dark brown riding boots. My hair was down in it’s natural glossy waves, minimal makeup.

The STARS all walked into RCD in our usual formation, soaking up the admiring glances and ‘Hey, how was your weekend?’s. We all went to our seperate lockers before going to our first, and only, class we have together. I walked up to the old dark green thing, mine covered in silver star stickers people randomly, and the STARS not so randomly, put on my locker. I had just opened it when I felt a familar cologne wash over me and my pulse quickened.

“Rory, did you get my text?”Saxon asked, leaning casually against the locker next to mine with his adorable boyish grin on his face.

I chilled my voice as much as I could muster, “Nope, don’t think so,” and tried to walk away with my History book. Unfortunately, the goon couldn’t take a hint and walked along side me. “Are you mad at me or something?”He asked shyly, which is normal for him when he asks questions he doesn’t want to ask but really wants to know- or when he’s around new people.

I turned and looked at him as we approached my class,”I don’t know, why don’t you ask Maddie or Kayla?”I said, shoving the names of the girls he had bee talking to and flirting with at my party in his face, and before he could answer turned into the classroom as the tardy bell rang.

I fnished up ballet with Ms. Kristy, and then went to my private instructor for Pointe lessons. My mother pushed me to take extra lessons to maintain my spot at the top of all classes. Or at least, in every class, I excelled where others had trouble with, so I seemed like the advanced dancer. Which, in most cases, I was. Contemporary was not my strongest point though.

I walked into the mirrored room, “Hello Mrs. Bethany,”I said, smiling. She nodded to me crisply, she was a strict and blunt teacher. She was my favorite- and I was sure I was hers.

I got into the poistion to start the routine we had been working on for the past week and a half as the music came on and echoed through the acoustic room. By the end of the dance, I was in a simple fifth positon by breathing loudly with a sheen of sweat across my forehead.

Mrs. Bethany gave a small clap, and gave a small barely-there half smile. Which meant something for her. “At this rate, the new competitive team will have you as their captain,”She whispered, looking around the studio like someone might hear her.

I nodded proudly.

I switched the flatscreen from an ANTM rerun to the channel Rachel just texted me.

“Haha, yes, you probably know the Brazil name quite well already. My sister Shira, is the creator of Alpha Academy, as everyone knows. I, on the other hand, am going to accept applications for the Brazilian Dance Academy located in a secret spot, in California. You will apply through mail or email, and we will choose the best applicants to come and audition for an instructor we send to your local performing place,”Marleigh Brazil said to the interviewer.

I raised by perfectly arched eyebrows, pondering this…

Side Notes:

– ‘Currents’ page will be updated soon

– If you still BDAcademy, I will personally break your fingers as it is STARS original idea.

– I am taking your votes into consideration ASAP (:

– Gossip Girl, is Massie Queen, and she has apoligized, in case anyone didn’t know.

– Check out spotlightonthesocialites.wordpress.com !

xx Rory xx


7 thoughts on “Loving you is red~

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Wow, who knew Brittney was so vicious? At least you caught it on camera so now everybody knows the real her.
    Intrigued to see who would my ♚Gruesome Goolies contest? Be sure to check out my most recent post!
    Much Appreciated.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  2. Aurora,
    I am in LOVE with your blog!
    The header is gorgeous x 10 😀
    Saxon obviously doesn’t know how to take a hint, he seems really clingy!
    That’s great that you are doing so well in dance!
    Can’t wait until your next post(:
    I heart you,
    Alicia Rivera


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