I doubt you haven’t heard of me by now, but I suppose I should set my record straight- after all, you can’t always believe gossip.

My name is Rory Elle Blake, with almost rib length golden waves, bright green eyes, pearly smile, and flawless skin. Not bigheaded, just stating the facts. My birthday is on New Years Eve, and I am the daughter of Bethany Blake (host of Breakfast with Mrs. Blake) and Rodger Blake (fancy big time prosecutor), sister to three-year-old Katerina Blake. I am a senior this year at Waverly Academy, a prestigious boarding school in upstate New York.

The STARS are my clique, practically sisters, of whom all attend W.A with me. We met at dance school in second grade, and have been inseparable ever since. The clique consists of Serena Miller, my fabulous beta, Rachel Woodlands, my gorgeous gamma, Taylor Highland, the notorious delta, and Sadie St. Clair, my other delightful delta. Sadie, Taylor, Aurora, Rachel, Serena- see the pattern?

I’ve been dancing since I could walk, and all of the STARS go to Momentum Dance in Westchester (where we all live). I take and have learned all types of dance, but Ballet and Pointe are my passions. I was accepted into Brazille Dance Academy, which unfortunately closed down after a nasty accident.

As for my personality, you really just have to find that out for yourself. All I can say is- the STARS aren’t like other cliques, we rule with friendliness and niceness; not claws and chaos. However, I have a policy. If you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you and it’s as simple as that. This means if you approach me with snark and bitchiness, you will plunged into World War 3- and I never lose.

Need To Contact Me?

Email:officialaurorablake@yahoo.com AIM: theonlyaurorablake WHI: xxRoryBlakexx IG: Roryyblakex Twitter: xxRoryBlakexx FB: Aurora Blake Ask.Fm: ask.fm/aurorablake

Addio per ora,



27 thoughts on “XO, A

  1. Rory,
    Lovely page!
    This description really describes the character you role-play as, in a lot of detail.
    Have a great summer!
    Stay Alpha,
    Massie Block

  2. You know I did the worst thing and I read your blog entirely ok s you can say not exactly the worst thing but as a result, I found it particularly interesting and enjoyed it no further details. what are you doing right now if you don’t live far we could hang out and please accept my gesture of kindness.


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