I Knew You Were Trouble..

I knew you were trouble…

I sighed, trying to gather up all my courage. I was in the family car, on the way to meet with Saxon for frozen yogurt. He had said he wanted to talk, because we haven’t done that in a while. I was tempted to retort it was because of Kayla. The Maddy rumours died down once she started going out with Eric Fitz. But now, the one girl I hate more than Annaliese for reasons I’d rather not get into, it’s been told several times to me that Saxon likes her. Kayla Cheffe.

I decided that I should ignore the rumours and ask Saxon for myself, which suprised many. I’m the take-down-asap kind of girl. You shouldn’t have to explain anything, there shouldn’t be a reason for you to in the first place. But this was Saxon.. and I think I am falling for him.

My Jimmi Choo ankle boots clacked against the pavement as I made my way to Pinkberry. I was about a block away when my phone dinged. It was from an unknown number, but it was a text, so.. what’s the harm, and I opened it.

I was obviously extremely stunned at what I saw. I don’t know why I felt like crying. Alphas don’t cry. I could tell by the long dark hair it was Kayla Cheffe in the picture. I didn’t know what I should do.

So I put on my indifferent mask of a facial expression, and quickly walked into the cold shop. He was sitting where we always sit, the left window booth, wearing the same shirt he was in the picture. “Rory!”He said happily, his face lighting up. I smiled back, knowing my usually warm green eyes were as cold as emeralds.

“So..um..how have you been?”He asked, being unusally shy like he is when he first meets a person.

“Good,”I said, adding another icy smile.

“Have you been avoiding me..?”Saxon asked, his eyebrows wrinkling with confusion. I raised my own with faux-suprise,”Why would I want to avoid you? You’re one of my best guy friends,”I said, then ordered my yogurt.

“I don’t know.. that’s why I’m asking,”He said, adding his charming side smile. It faltered after I glared at him. “Why would you make me think you liked me.. when you are dating Kayla Cheffe,”I said, spitting her last name. So much for indifferent calm. He looked suprised, but then looked down. I waited two minutes before getting my Louis and walking out of the shop.

I could feel the tears welling in my eyes as I approached the spot where I got the text.

I took out my iPhone to call Henry to pick me up, when I felt a hand reach my arm and spin me around. I tried to focus my eyes as someones lips touched my own pale pink ones. It was him- he had followed me. My shattered heart soared, the pieces falling back into place. I opened my eyes to find Saxons light brown staring into them.

His hands were still on my neck and waist, holding me to him, “I did like Kayla..before I met you. Then today at the gym, she kissed me while I was about to explain to her that I liked someone else..You,”He rushed out in a breath.

I started laughing like some psycho, as he joined in, foreheads touching. I knew people were probably looking at us in disdain.

“I have to go to dance..”I said, relunctantly pulling away.

“I’ll text you later then, girlfriend,“He said, adding a wink before walking away. It slightly annoyed me how he assumed I would be his girlfriend, but I also thought it was extremely cute and adorable.

Momentum Dance

Studio A

Pointe Class with Ms. Kristy

We all walked over to our bags, huffing in the air conditioned room. Getting out our designer-coozie covered water bottles, the STARS sat down in our usual spot after a class, cooling off while Ms. Kristy talks about whatever news she has that day.

“You guys are all free to go today- except for Aurora, Taylor, Veronica, Sadie, Serena, Tawni, and Rachel. I need to see you all after class,” Ms. Kristy said, smiling at us.

The STARS all circled around her, Veronica White and Tawni MacIntosh among us.

“So girls.. I’m not sure if you are aware, but billionaire Marleigh Brazil has created an exclusive dance academy, and we applied for seven applications, and here they are. If you are interested, fill out the packet and send it through the mail, or apply online. All the information is in the packet,”Ms. Kristy said, handing each of us a cream packet.

The STARS all walked out of the studios, staring at the packets in our manicured hands.

“Talk it over with our parents, webcam with each other at six o’clock sharp with results. We all apply or none of us apply,”I said, hardening my voice at the end. The girls nodded, before waving each other goodbye and getting into our respective cars.

Well, two great suprises in one day.

After talking to my parents, and webcamming with STARS, we decided…

…we are all applying for Brazil Dance Academy! Two weeks until we hear back with a time and place for auditioning for an interviewer of BDA, or a rejection letter.


– Updated the STARS page & GLUs, Currents, and Outfits (Rinnovati slightly updated)

– If you know of any contests, let me know, because I’d love to join them! 🙂

– We have a new Taylor! http://taylorreneehighland.wordpress.com

– My new fashion collab blog has gone public! chicincouture.wordpress.com , follow us please!

– I’ve reach 1,600 views and 40 followers! Thank you guys so much & I hope they keep coming 🙂

– Check out theofficialmaker.wordpress.com , custom headers, background help & faceclaim help!

– The next few posts will be slightly lovey-dovey due to the new change is relationship status- if you don’t like that kind of thing then bare with me, it wont be this gooey forever 😉

Love Me or Hate Me,

XX Rory XX


4 thoughts on “I Knew You Were Trouble..

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Your date with Saxon didn’t start off too well, especially after you received the photo of him and Kayla Cheffe – of all people!!! – kissing. You approached the topic and left him correctly, exactly as I would have. The fact he chased you outside proves he has feelings for you and felt the need to explain himself, which he did. Too cute.
    Good luck with the Brazil Dance Academy applications, you are beyond guaranteed to be accepted!
    I’ll be sure to check out the updated pages and check out the new Taylor.
    Congratulations on the views and new followers, very well deserved!
    By the way, new post, check it out?
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂


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