Return of the Blakes


Return of the Blakes

No, unfortunately, I don’t mean Rory.

Her story is (mostly) over now. However, due to my twitching fingers, I have taken up blogging again. If you liked Rory’s blog, you will love Rina’s story. As some of you may remember, Rory had a little sister, Katerina Blake. And I’ve decided to share her story.

Katerina’s story takes place when she is a junior at Waverly Academy, ready to take her place as Queen. But, like any other hierarchy managed boarding school, things aren’t going to be easy. Rina has her best friends by her side, but if you’ve followed along with the Pretty Committee and STARS, you know best friends can only do so much. And with the pressure of college and social status, Rina struggles with stepping out of Rory’s shadow.

The Blakes are back in Rina’s story, and if you want to follow along, click here to be taken to her blog.

Hope to see you there ūüôā


The Close

“It is so hard to leave- until you leave. And then it the easiest thing in the world.”

– John Green

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The Close

Laughing, I spun around, my sequined tulle dress ballooning around me. The champagne was warm and bubbly in my stomach, and my feet ached from their place in my Louboutins. I turned twenty-four today, and my boyfriend- Noah, you might remember him- had thrown me a huge party at our loft. Fireworks crackled and popped as they painted the sky from outside.

Lots of things have changed since senior year at Waverly. I was accepted into Columbia, I got into a prestigious ballet company and now I frequent Broadway. After senior year I traveled all over Europe with the STARS, before we sadly parted ways. Serena went to Brown, and is currently a Guess model- she still lives in New York but we rarely see each other due to her traveling a lot. Rachel moved to LA after graduating from NYU and is a well known PR agent for celebrities. Taylor moved to England in order to be apart of a world-renowned riding program. Sadie is about to graduate from Stanford, and has quit dancing professionally.

The STARS and I keep in touch, because not even oceans can break up a friendship like ours.

My little sister, Katerina, is the new queen bee of Waverly Academy, so I know I left it in good hands.

This wasn’t the happy ending I expected, but it’s so much better.

-Yep! It’s the time. I’m quitting the blog of Rory Blake. It’s almost been two years since I started blogging, and in all honesty, this type of blog just isn’t something I’m interested in. And it isn’t fair to my followers and it isn’t fair to me to try to strain my writing just so I’ll have a post out there.

– I may still post every now and then, but it’s probably going to be rare.

– I will still be blogging on Tessa, occasionally S.I.S, and maybe even some new blogs ūüėČ

– My claim on Candice Accola is no longer, but I will still be claiming Teresa Palmer.

– Keep a look out on my Twitter or the Tessa blog for any news. I will still be checking my e-mail, so don’t feel shy to shoot me one! Same goes for my Rory ask and Twitter. My WHI will still be a DNU and still be in use for my other blogs.

Thanks everyone, for sticking with me and this blog!

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Ciao, everyone! So no post, just updates and announcements today, sorry! A new post will be up soon!

Happy December 1st, first of all ūüôā

Second order of business;¬†Becca, M.O.M, OOAL, and I have new blogs, set in olden times! My blog centers around Queen Teresa Ludovisi of Italy, and her endeavors in Versailles, France. Click here to read the first post, see the other girls blogs, and follow for more! I’m really excited about it and we have some fantastic plots set in place- but small warning, it is a lot more mature than this blog. I wouldn’t recommend it for those who are under fifteen.

Lastly, my winter break is over, and so my posts might be scattered and scarce for three weeks, but no fears, I will return! The STARS and I have a great plot thought about and I can’t wait to put it into action. ūüôā

Relax, Darling

My blonde hair is back in a French fishtail, and my muscles are nice and relaxed after a citrus hot stone massage. I don’t have another Tandeu’s for Tots class until tomorrow so I have the weekend to step back and take a few deep breaths. Life has been pretty hectic lately, but it’s nothing a fresh coat of Essie and Chai tea can’t solve.


Relax, Darling

I set the newest issue of Elle down on my nightstand, and rolled back over to face where Serena and Rachel were laying on Serena’s bed. Taylor was in the plush white chair in the sitting area a few feet away, and Sadie was laying in the middle of the floor with a cashmere blanket wrapped around her.

“Ugh,” Sadie groaned, “I have a massive headache, can someone¬†turn the dehumidifier on? I think I’m stuffy.”

Taylor reached over and plugged it in. “I know what you mean, horseback riding has been kicking my butt lately.”

“The show was awesome though,” I said, thinking back to our performance of Midsummer’s Night, absently stroking my soft blanket. I got a chorus of agreement and nods back at me. Earlier today I had been practicing lines for a new web series called Vengeance, so I had an early start.

Tomorrow I would be auditioning for Chicago on Broadway. It was my absolute dream to be one of the seven merry mistresses.

“We should do something to just, like, take some time off to ourselves,” Rachel piped up from where she was applying a facial.

“Oooh, that sounds fun!” Serena said, and she got the familiar gleam in her eyes that either meant disaster or magnificent.

“What about a bonfire? The woods next to the stables would be perfect, we could bring blankets and cozy chairs,” Taylor suggested. I tapped my nail to my chin, thinking it over. It was a good idea, but we would have to sneak past the school.

“Alright, let’s get planning!” I finally agreed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon discussing details. Trent, a baseball player, could get us the wood and things for a safe fire, so Rachel would talk to him in class on Monday. We were going to invite people to bring their own snacks but have marshmallows and sticks ready. I would bring extra blankets, and a few chairs from the girls dorm lobby. Tomorrow would we tell the other girls all about it, and get them to start spreading the word.

I rushed into Ballet, quickly taking off my Ralph Lauren jacket and tossing it on top of my dance bag. I had made it just in time, the clock chiming four-thirty. I went to Teen Vogue after relaxing with the girls yesterday, and was forced into doing a bunch of crazy tasks against Noah. Who was irritatingly attractive and efficient- but I still beat him at all tasks but one (Filing, but hello, these Tiffany wrapped wrists were not made for office work).

“Hey,” I said to Dana Wolverton. Dana had shoulder length brunette hair and tan skin, her family was originally from West Virgina but they moved a few months ago. She was a complete G.L.U.

“Hey, where’s the fire?” She teased, smoothing down the small wrinkle of her peach skirt.

“Ha-ha, a fire is the last thing I need. I’m so overbooked,” I groaned, slipping my Bloch ballet shoes on and started to warm up with some barre work.

“Tell me about it, my parents are pressuring me big time to get into an Ivy college like Iris. Which was my original plan but now I am really looking into this design school in London,” Dana said, starting out with some tandeu’s and pa da barre’s. Iris was Dana’s older sister who went to Harvard, pursuing some sort of political career or something like that.

Ms. Juliet, the Tuesday advanced ballet teacher, walked in after that, and put on some music. Each of the girls lined up at the barre and did our usual warm up.

Even with a way crazy life, I could always count on dance to keep me calm and ordered.

“Rory!” Ms. Juliet yelled.

…Or maybe not.


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Eat Your Heart Out

I sit on one of the plush white chairs in the library, my new burgundy nails typing away on the Macs provided. My outfit today is¬† black cropped t-shirt, two tone high waisted shorts, a white cardigan, black MK riding boots with burgundy socks peeking out;¬† a total 10. Halloween was ah-mazing, and so was Serena’s birthday party. But now it’s time for fall, as the pumpkin latte sitting next to me helps keep me warm from the autumn chill. Earlier today…

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Eat Your Heart Out

I quickly mussed my blonde blowout, grabbed my Gucci bag, and walked out of the dorm. I had an interview with TeenVogue at eleven, and it was already nine o’clock. It didn’t usually take a long time to get to Manhattan, but just to be safe I wanted to get on the road early just in case of traffic.

I was already a teacher for Beginners Ballet at Momentum, a three time winner of Young Dancer of the Year as well as I had a small part in ‘Chicago’ on Broadway my junior year. But it wasn’t enough, to be honest, I wanted to make my mark on the world- even if I had to chasse-step-leap my way to the top. Becoming the assistant and consultant to Fashion Editor Mikala Rebun would give me another edge, this time in the fashion world.

I wrote a note on the whiteboard on the dorm door telling Rach and S that I would be back later.

I walked down the dorm stairs, and out to the senior parking lot, hopping into my car. I tossed my bag into the passenger seat and put on my RayBans before pulling out. It was time to show TeenVogue  who their next employee is.

I made it to the city with thirty minutes to spare, so I parked a little ways away from the headquarters so I could stretch my legs and walk a bit. It was kind of chilly out, with a light breeze, but my cardigan kept most of the cold out. I took the last sip of my chai tea and tossed it in a nearby trashcan, looking over to make sure my aim was right. While I was looking away for two seconds I accidentally crashed into someone.

“Oh! Sorry, I wasn’t looking,” I said, offering to help up the fallen guy. Oh wow, the guy actually looked like he was around my age, and not unattractive. “It’s fine, I’ve been kind of scatterbrained lately,” He replied, taking my hand and pulling himself up. His palm was warm against mine, despite it being chilly. He had tan skin, short raven colored hair, and bright white teeth.

“I’m Rory Blake, I’m headed to an interview at TeenVogue,” I said, smiling. The guy lifted his eyebrow before smirking, “Noah Kyle, I’ll see you around Rory Blake,” He said, before jogging off.

I did a little happy dance inside. Kol and I had been on-again off-again for a while now, and I was looking for something more steady while the rest of my life gets crazy.

I walked a little while, walked into the building, and up to the room. Ms. Rebun’s Senior Assistant would be interviewing me. I took¬†a seat while the last interview finished up. The walls of the room were turquoise, with white couches and furnishing, blood orange flowers and embellishments here and there, and a pretty redheaded receptionist taking calls at the white desk.

The door to Ms. Rebun’s office swung open, and¬†a tall bleach blonde walked out. She was wearing a sequined mini skirt, a red oversized sweater, and black Chanel booties- it was sort of trashy chic, with her dark roots making an appearance at the top of her head. She gave me a distasteful expression, which I returned with a sickly sweet smile.

“Aurora Blake?” A nice but sharp voice called.

I grabbed my bag and resume and walked in.

“Hello!” I chirped, handing over my resume.

“It says here you’ve dancing since you were young?” Ms. Rebun asked. She was a young woman, probably mid twenties,¬† with shiny auburn hair and blue eyes.

I nodded, “Yes m’am, I’ve been dancing at Momentum Dance studio in Westchester, where I was born and raised.”

“And you’re a senior at Waverly Academy currently?”

“Yes, my schedule is free though. I’m in the Honors student program, as well as NHS and I have enough credits to graduate early but I decided to stay so I could get the full senior year experience. But because I have enough credits I can take off any time so school wont be a problem,” I said, smiling.

She nodded, returning my smile. “So have you ever done anything similar to being an assistant?”

“I was a student teacher at Momentum Dance and now I’m a teacher for the toddler class. My junior year I was the TA for Fashion Marketing?” I offered, raising my eyebrows.

“Well I’ll have to think it over, but it seems like you have a great chance. Thanks for coming in, we’ll call you soon!” She said, holding her hand out.

I stood up and shook her hand, “Thank you!”

I walked out of the room and headed for the elevator, giddy and determined. Until I heard the name “Noah Kyle” being called out. I whipped around, my green eyes alight with shock. The guy I had bumped into stood up with a messenger bag strung across his shoulders and a resume in his hand, and winked at me before walking in.

Eh. Ma. Gawd.


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– My next post will be sometime soon!

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Blow A Kiss

I run my fingers through my blonde waves, sighing happily as I set my Starbucks Chai Latte down on the desk next to me. It’s been so long since I last blogged, and so much has changed, I’m excited to start up again. I run a quick swipe of¬†EOS balm¬†across my lips before setting my new French manicure to work.

Starbucks ;)

Blow A Kiss

I step out of my cherry red Corvette -a gift for my seventeenth birthday, smoothing down my Waverly Academy blazer. My outfit for the first day of senior year was a white lace peplum top, burgundy skinny jeans, and a skinny brown belt that matches my brown wedges. My hair is in it’s usual waves, a little longer than it used to be, with fresh¬†summer-natural¬†light gold highlights.

I drop my phone into the LV purse on my arm, locking my car, and walking over to where the STARS were waiting for me at the front gates.

I had seen them some over summer break, but the¬†last month of summer-early fall¬†I spent in Italy with my cousins, so it had been a long time. “Girls!” I called happily, and watched as they all realized who had been calling them. Their faces lit up with smiles, and¬†we group hugged quickly before entering the school. “How was¬†Italy, Roar?” Rachel asked, her brown locks glossy in the early sun. “Ah-mazing, the vineyard was absolutely beautiful,” I replied.

“So have you guys checked out the room assignments?” I asked the group.

“Yeah,¬†yours is still at the office, they wouldn’t let us pick it up for you,” Rachel said with a frown.

“It’s cool, I’ll be right back,” I walked off to the front office, saying hi to Katherine, Waverly’s counselor for A-J students. I told them my name and showed them my student ID. They handed me a thick manila envelope, of which I took and walked back over to the group. Flipping through the pages I got to the information page, “Okay so I’m on 5th floor Dorm 3A, and I have Locker C226?” I said, looking up questioningly at them.

“You’re with me and Rach,” Serena said, doing a small dance in her Tory Burch’s. “And with us in the next room,” Sadie smiles, bumping Taylor in the hip.

“This is great, we’re finally seniors!” Taylor squealed and we all laughed together.


– Okay so this post was literally like twenty sentences. Sorry, but it’s late and I’m grounded and can only have technology on weekends. That being said, I wont be posting regularly for a while but I am off of hiatus.

– When I can I will be making more pages, as you can see the blog has a new makeover!

– To answer any and all questions pertaining my clique members: Yes, they are all still active. Some of them are on hiatus but as I have talked to each of them today, I can assure you there are active and I’m not looking for replacements.

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I am taking a hiatus until further notice. No I am not quitting, but for the next week or two I wont have internet and will be preparing for the start of school and dance. The Armani Affair is postponed until further notice, sorry guys. Due to the fact I have no internet, if you need to contact me the best way is to get in touch with my clique or close Word Press friends and have them pass the message along to me.

Round One


Round One

Ciao, Glamazons! This is the first round of The Armani Affair. Somehow my last post detailing the contest was deleted, but oh well, I’ll just explain everything here.


– No one is ever going to be eliminated, unless you drop out.

– You will have one week to complete the task, unless you explain why you can’t do this.

– Each round, every member of the STARS will score you from 1-10, there will be five tasks, and at the end of the contest the contest closest to 50 points will win.

Current Task:

You have until next Saturday, July 27th, to complete this task.

We’re going to start off easy. Make a Polyvore set of an outfit that you would wear when visiting your favorite place to go- or would want to go. E-mail me a link to the set with the title ‘TAA Round One’.


– Obviously the outfit needs to include either a shirt and shorts/pants or a dress

– Three makeup items

– A bag

– A photo or some sort of representation of the place

– In your sets description, write about why it’s your favorite place.


sponsoredbyralphlauren – Alicia Rivera

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dissesfromdylan – Ty/DFD

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massiessecretjournal – Lauren

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Breaking Summer

So I currently have no internet connection and can’t get on the internet whatsoever. Right now I’m writing this post from my friends laptop, so sorry if it’s not up to my usual standards!

Pink Lemonade

Breaking Summer

Reaching over, I touched my nose to my knees, stretching my legs and back. Stretching and dancing always relaxed me, thankfully Waverly Academy got out for summer June 21st, and I can de-stress from the craziness of the last day of school…

I walked into the school with my curls flowing and bangs braided back. My Tory Burch turquoise dress billowed around me, and I zoned out for a second, before accidentally running into someone.

“Ehmagawd, I wasn’t watching,” I apologized, bending over to pick up a few folders. Some Alphas like to ridicule me for being too nice, but I think part of being an Alpha is knowing when to bring the intensity to the surface, and knowing when you shouldn’t have your guard up. Surprisingly enough, I looked up and it was Kol.

I blushed, and stood up, handing him his folders. “Sorry.”

Kol laughed, and my heart embarrassingly¬†skipped a beat- but if you saw the way his eyes lit up yours would have too. I started to walk around him before he grabbed my wrist and stopped me, “Hey, Rory, would you want to do something over the summer?”

I smiled, and pulled out one of my glitter pens, writing my number on his hand. “Call me,” I called flirtatiously over my shoulder.

Later that day..

Setting my lunch on the table, I looked around the Cafe. The STARS had decided to eat in here today, but no one was at the table we determined to sit at. After a few uncomfortable moments of me sitting alone as other people glanced over at my lack of company, Serena showed up.

“Ror, do you know what’s going on?” She asked, whispering and glancing around the room.

I raised my eyebrow, “Um, nice to see you too?”

Serena opened her mouth before looking behind me and closing it, “Bitchcoming,” She muttered.

I turned around, to see a furious brunette headed straight for my table. The Cafe went silent around me. “You’re Rory, right?” She asked, putting a hand on her hip. I cocked my head, “Yes, and who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?

The girl rolled her eyes, “My name’s Kara, as if you didn’t know, and the only reason I’m speaking to you is because I heard you have some problems with touching things that aren’t yours.”

I smirked, that was what was going on. Kol and Kara used to date, before he broke up with her a few weeks ago, kind of around the time I arrived at Waverly, actually. I stood up, to match her height, “Well, Kara, word of advice, announcing to everyone that you got dumped probably isn’t going to help your whole faux Queen Bee image.”

Kara’s mouth dropped open, and she nervously looked around the Cafe. “Learn your place, Blake.” She said before grabbing a cup of orange juice at a nearby table and.. dumping it all over my head. Kara stormed out, and you could hear everyone gasp.

I shook my head, ridding myself of the flashback. That was awful, and more importantly, barely any of the STARS were there to back me up. Sighing, I walked over to my phone at paused ‘Criminal’. On the bright side, Kol had been texting me the past week, and this upcoming weekend he is planning a surprise date.

Hopefully summer wont be too mean.

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The Armani Affair is finally here! Next post will be detailing the contest, and the chance to join!

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