Young and Beautiful

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Young and Beautiful

I fluffed my curls up in the mirror one more time, and applied an extra coat of BareMinerals mascara. I turned around to survey my dorm room, and glanced at myself in the mirror. For my first day at Waverly I choose to wear a strapless floral top, a coral blazer, cream jeans, and brown braided sandals.

I pulled out my schedule, and my first class of the day was Painting. It was a hobby of mine, nothing like dance of course, but I did fairly well at painting.

I walked down the clean white halls, smirking on the inside as I saw some students stop to look at me. I looked over at a group of guys that were sitting on a bench outside of the art classroom. They were total HARTs, but one caught my eye in particular. He was like a Nate Archibald clone, with tan skin and shaggy blonde-brunette hair and bright blue eyes. I confidently strode up to him, “Hey, is this where Painting is?”

He looked up at me with a smile, “Yeah, are you new?”

I nodded, “I’m Rory.”

“I’m Kol, Kol Vanderbilt,” He said and held his hand out for me.

I grinned and shook his hand.

The Vanderbilts were poltical and business tycoons, famous in all of the east coast for their social standing and wealth. Not that it matters, but it was definitely a nice plus.

I walked into the room and surveyed it. The walls were white, easels were set up everywhere, there were racks of different colors and mediums in the back, and a sculpting room. I took an open chair and starting to fill my palette. I looked up to see a redheaded girl take the seat to the right of me. She was pretty, and her new Ralph Lauren top was nicely paired with gray skinny jeans.

“Hi, I’m Rory,” I said, smiling politely at her.

The girl raised an eyebrow at me, “Mm, nice, my names Bri,” She said before turning around and ignoring me.

I scoffed. Who does she think she is? Obviously someone took the wrong train to Bitch Station this morning. I shook my head and returned to setting up, no negativity on the first day, I reminded myself.

“Are you new?” A voice asked, luckily to the left of me.

I looked up to see a nice looking blonde girl setting up her own palette. “Yeah, I’m from RCD, in Westchester, but then I transferred to BDA in California, and now I’m back,” I said happily.

She nodded, and brushed her bags out of her face, “So you’re a dancer? That’s cool. My cousin went to BDA.”

“Oh wow,” I nodded, “Well I’m glad some people are nice here.” I said rolling my eyes in the redheads direction. The blonde girl glanced at the redhead nervously before lowering her voice, “You seem nice, so I’m going to give you a warning. You don’t mess with The Terribles, they will destroy you.”

This time I raised my eyebrow, “She’s a Terrible?”

The blonde nodded, “That’s Briana Wellington, she’s one of Kara’s minions. Not as bad, but still influential.”

I smiled sweetly, “Well Kara hasn’t met me.”

I walked to the courtyard, where the STARS and I were meeting up for lunch. Waverly’s lunchroom was way overcrowded so they allowed some of the students to eat outside in the courtyard gardens.

“Hey girls!” I said, seeing the group together at one table with lunch out on the table.

“Hey Rory, we got you sushi,” Rachel announced happily through her bite of a deli roll. I smiled, seeing my special order of white rice, crab, cream cheese, cucumber, and avocado goodness. “How was everyone’s day so far?” Serena asked, setting her phone down onto the table.

“Well I had a run in with a Terrible in Painting,” I said, taking a bite of sushi.

Sadie’s eyes got wide, “Which one?”

“Brianna?” I said, shrugging and wiping my mouth.

Taylor nodded, “I gathered some information earlier today. Apparently there’s five of them, the Queen Bee- which is like their Alpha- is Kara Dresden which we know. The other four are her minions. Brianna Wellington, who has red hair and everyone calls Bri. Erika Hillard, who’s the granddaughter of Henry Hillard, that New Money businessman. Daphne Lawerence, who’s French and who’s mom is apparently some French model but no one knows for sure. Then Teresa Carmichael, who’s like the beta, she’s always clashed with Kara over Queen Bee status.”

I nodded, typing everything into the Notes section of my PalmPilot. “Is that all we know so far?”

Everyone nodded and shrugged.

“Okay, try to find out more in your next classes but don’t seem too obvious about it, we don’t want to come off desperate,” I instructed, throwing away the last of my uneaten lunch.

Serena checked the time on her phone, and nudged Sadie, “Hey we need to get going now if we want to make it to the East Wing for Modeling 101,” She said, grabbing her purse. “Okay, see you guys later,” Sadie said, walking off with Serena.

“Yeah, we need to get going too, Ror, we’ll be late for Horseback. We’re determining levels today,” Rachel said, throwing her own food away. “Wish us luck!” Taylor said, walking towards the stables.

“Um, yeah, I need to go too,” I said, mostly to no one, and grabbed my new Louis to start walking towards Creative Writing.

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Waverly Academy

Author’s Note: EMG! I am so sorry for the late post, state exams have been kicking my butt! Please enjoy, I’m trying to get back on schedule.


Welcome to Waverly

It had been a few days since we landed in Westchester. Saying goodbye to BDA was hard, but it was good to be home. My mom had her baby, it was in fact a girl, and her name is Katerina Grace Blake. She’s a blonde, like me, and extremely cute.

When the STARS came back, we decided we needed a change. After experiencing BDA, Rosewood Country Day just wasn’t going to cut it. We looked at some schools, and eventually settled on Waverly Academy. Obviously term is almost over, so our parents had to pull a few strings to get accepted, but after we made up our minds it was done, done and done.

Obviously at Waverly there’s going to be some established hierarchy, so we’ll have to take them down in time, but that’s tomorrow’s problem. After looking around Instagram and Eliteosphere, I learned that the current Queen Bee is Kara Dresden, Alpha of the Terribles.

We toured Waverly the past week, and it is huge. The building is a giant, in the center of it a courtyard. There are two dorm buildings on either side of the school, one for boys and one for girls. Each dorm floor has a house mother, who doubles as a teacher’s assistant or replacement. W.A is located in the horse country of New York, so not far off from Westchester. There’s a room for practically every activity, an auditorium, painting studio, a gorgeous dance studio, singing room, etc. There’s a field for soccer and lacrosse, and stables for the riding class.

Upcoming Monday will be our first official day at Waverly. We are on Dorm Floor 12, and Rachel and I are in the same room, and Taylor, Serena, and Sadie are in the room next to us. We’re getting our schedules bright and early on Monday.

It turns out one of the girls at Momentum actually goes to Waverly, Bea Marks, who is going to help show us around. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten to talk to her about the Terribles though. Seeing all the Momentum girls was great, it was like part of my family was missing when we were at BDA.

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I Love You CA


I Love You, CA

Ciao, my darlings!

It had been a week since the shocking sleepover, and it had gotten crazy before it got better.

There had been a schoolwide meeting explaining to everyone what had happened. Basically a dancer broke her leg, and her parents were suing Marleigh Brazille. What a LISP- if you know you can’t perform the triple jump, why would you try? People these days.

I looked around my dorm for the last time, the bright walls now stripped white, plain furniture decorating it now. The STARS were waiting for me in the courtyard, saying their own goodbyes. I walked out, bulking suitcases in tow, and said goodbye to my dorm for the last time. BDA had become like my second home, dancing was like breathing to me, and leaving this place is hard.

I waved to some other girls who had been in my classes, before going into the courtyard. I saw the STARS waiting under our designated tree, saying goodbye to the girls we were closest with, and walked over. “Hey girls,” I said as cheerfully as I could. They returned watery smiles. I set my bags down and gave Fiona a hug. “I’ll miss you bella, make sure to Skype or FaceTime me!” She nodded back, flipping her dark hair over her shoulder. Audrey and Elizabeth were standing next to each other, and I said goodbye to them next.

Once all the goodbye’s were said, we started to walk out before I remembered I hadn’t said goodbye to Tyler. “Just a sec!” I said, going back into the courtyard, looking around for him.

“Looking for me?” A voice said behind me. I quickly turned around, only to be met with.. Poppy.

“And turn into stone? Never,” I smirked. She smirked back and rolled her eyes. “I’ll miss our battles of wit, Blake, you were a mildly formidable competitor.” I scoffed, “I bested you everytime, puttana.”

She laughed and walked off.

There was a tap on my shoulder, and then someone covered my eyes. “Guess who?” I smiled and faced him, “Tyler!”

He gave me a tight hug, and then pulled back. “I’ll miss you Roars, you better text me and call me all the time,” He said. I laughed and nodded, “Ahv-iously.” After exchanging a few more words, I walked back to the girls.

Hooking arms with Rachel and Serena, I smiled, and we walked to the waiting car. “It’s time to go home, girls!”

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There’s a few blogs I encourage you to look at:

– Dancer Skye Hamilton



– Kenley Kent


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I’ve Got That Tune


I’ve Got That Tune

Ciao, my dolls!

I walked out onto the BDA courtyard, the smell of fresh peonies immediately appealing to my senses. My new Gucci heels fortunately didn’t sink as I walked across the fresh lawn over to where Rachel was reading Pride and Prejudice. I sat next to her with an arch of my blonde eyebrow.

She shook her head at me and then put the monstrous book down. “So what brings you here?” Rachel asked.

I frowned, smoothing out the twisted gold links of my bracelet, “We haven’t had any STARS meetings or bonding time since Spring Break, so I’m officially inviting you to our sleepover meeting at 9:00 tonight, when Poppy will promptly be thrown out of the room.”

Rachel just laughed, rolling her eyes, “I’ll be there.”

I gave her a smile, before adjusting my Bare Minerals Cupcake lipgloss, and strutting off. And yes, I do strut.

With a sigh of content, I threw my favorite dark purple pillow onto the ground, next to Sadie’s. Luckily Poppy went with few complaints, and I got everyone to show up on time. Serena is always late- this seriously needs to go in a record book or something.

“Okay so we’re down to two choices,” Taylor announced, clicking through the options of the flat screen in the small lounge room adjoining our two dorms. “PLL Marathon or Kardashians?”

“Kardashian!” Rachel yelled, and clicked the option before anyone could protest. Serena laughed and rolled her eyes. Rachel had a minor obsession with Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Taylor pressed play and leaned back into her lavender bean bag chair.

I scooped up a handful of pink jelly beans, popping a few in my mouth and throwing a few at the back of Sadie’s head. She kept giving me hilarious death glares. I just smiled.

In the middle of Khloe trying on a new dress, a hideous one to be honest, an orange ribbon came onto the screen, and beeps sounded from the TV. A collective gasp echoed around the room.

“BDA is closing?!”

T.A.F Round Five

Five beautiful girls were scattered around Massie’s bedroom.  Massie was putting her finishing touch on her outfit: her charm bracelet, Alicia was busy staring at her reflection in the mirror, and everyone else was eyeing Massie to see when she would talk.  None of them knew what she would say next.  She was in mental shock after hearing her parents tell her that Isaac was off-limits to her for the next week.  All Massie told them was that they needed to have their hair and makeup done, and cute outfits that were perfect 10’s.  None of them had any idea why.

 “Massie… where are we going and what are we doing? We have no way of getting anywhere without Isaac and no one else’s drivers can take us anywhere… spill!”  Claire finally pushed her to say something.

 “Let’s go girls! We have somewhere very important to be.  Trust me, it’ll be fun and worth going to” Massie replied, smirking.  So the five of them hurried down the stairs and out the door.

As the girls designer heels hit the smooth concrete, a loud whirling sound could easily be heard from down the streets. “Ehmawgawd!” Alicia gasped, raising a French-manicured hand to her mouth. “Is that a.. helicopter?” Kristen breathed, her Chanel coated eyes widening to the size of saucers.

Kristen was dead-on, as usual, and the little white helicopter sat happily as one of it’s doors opened, revealing a long-legged brunette. “You are Massie Block and friends, yes?” She asked, a Brazilian accent showing as the woman smiled. Massie stepped forward from the Pretty Committee and grinned back, “I’m Massie, yes. You must be Angelica?” She asked, twirling a curl around her finger.

The woman, Angelica, nodded, “Angelica Castillo, yes, and if you don’t mind, we have a show to catch,” she said politely, opening the door for the girls. They filed in one by one, somehow squeezing into the tight space.

30 minutes later, they were being filed through silver doors, different people wearing headsets and clothes flying everywhere. “Where are we?” Dylan asked, amazed. Angelica was pushing her way through the crowd, leading them. She thrust an orange door open, revealing a hoard of outrageously gorgeous girls, “Welcome to the Dolce & Gabbana April Fashion Expose!”

The Pretty Committee squealed with delight, of course they’ve been to tons of fashion shows- but backstage access was granted to celebrities, models, designers, and assistants only. “How did you pull this?” Alicia asked, grabbing onto Kristen’s arm in excitement. Angelica spoke up, “Ms. Block entered you all in the Teen Vogue D&G Contest a few months ago, and you girls won. Your prize is participating in the expose, and keeping one of the D&G dresses you model for us today. Plus an interview in the May issue of TV.”

Once the girls were all rushed through hair and makeup, and fully dressed, they got in the line of models.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Kristen said, smiling. This is why Massie made them perfect their runway walks last sleepover.

Massie winked at her, before stepping out to take her turn. She walked flawlessly through the gardens, loving the bright flashes of photos being captured. She struck a pose before the daffodils, and then walked into backstage. “You were awesome!” Claire squealed, waiting her turn as the last girl to go.

“Thanks Kuh-laire, did you expect anything less?” Massie teased.

Side Notes:

– I am proud to present our new Serena, also known as ARR!

– There are going to be major changes on my blog, new and improved pages, new ‘signature’ things. I am officially letting everyone know that I am going to be the only one consistently using ‘Ciao’ as a greeting on this blog. If you have a problem, feel free to email me.

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Spring Break / TAF Round Four

I write this to you laying on a white sand beach, a red umbrella blocking out the lemon-colored sun. Clear turquoise waves lap at the shore, rippling in and out like a mermaids silken hair. Speaking of hair, mine is currently up in a messy bun- the beach blonde waves kept getting in my eyes. My VS swimsuit matches my coral striped towel, which each of the STARS have matching of. I can hear Rachel’s light snores as she gets massaged by an ah-dorable Greek boy. But don’t tell her I told you 😉

My Spring Break has been ah-mazing. Yours?

On Saturday we flew in to Aviano, Italy, to stay with my Nonna. The house was as goregous as I remembered, and of course even the STARS were in awe. Nonna loved the girls, as I thought she would, and we all fell asleep in the huge guest bedroom, listening to Nonna telling us wild love stories. She was always the best storyteller I knew- and probably the best cook too. On Sunday we woke up bright and early at a whopping 6 A.M for my cousin Cecelia to show us around Italy until our flight at 3 P.M

At exactly 3:30, our small plane jetted off to Athens, Greece. As we reached our destination closer and closer we could see the white stone of the houses and the clear turquoise of the ocean. Needless to say, Greece is and was absoloutely beautiful. Definitely a travel spot I reccommend. We all slept in the Blake’s, my families, villa in the heart of Athens. Let me tell you, we were all squealing with delight.

On Monday we went down and looked at all the markets, I purchased a lovely white beaded bracelet, Taylor got told she was ‘όμορφος’ by a handsome Greek boy, Rachel rode a donkey for the first time, Serena tried balklava which she loved, and Sadie got hit in the head with a giant palm leaf. So yeah, Monday was a pretty good day for the most part. Tuesday it rained, but after watching several chick-flicks we decided going out into the rain and jumping off the docks was a great idea. I’m pretty sure I caught a cold.

Wednesday we toured the old Greek architecture. Learning all about the goddess Athena, and her crazy messed up family. Fun fact about Athena- she competed with her sort of uncle Poesideon to have the city of Athens named after them. Athena won with the gift of an olive tree, which gave food, shelter, and oil.

And Thursday, we spent all day tanning and cliff-jumping. At night we went down the a street party, where we danced until the sun came up. Greek boys are huge suck-ups, but their super cute, so I have no problem with the aches in my dancer-perfect feet.

And sadly, in a few hours our flight to New York will take off, and we will all visit our families for the weekend before going back to BDA on Monday. My mother is huge now, she’s eight months and two weeks pregnant. They have decided on the name Katerina, because it’s a girl.  Anyways, I’ve got to start packing.


Side Notes/ Extras:

So did you guys like this little summary-currently typing post better than the step by step detailed post I usually do? Please write your opinion in a comment! 🙂

And now for The Alpha Files Round Four..

What Inspired You To Create A Blog?

I was looking around Google, typing in different sort of things. I decided at a spur-of-the-moment decision to feed my Clique addiction, and started looking at all the Wiki’s on How To Be Like Alicia Rivera and Massie Block. After looking around at some of the blogs I found, I knew I could be better than a lot of the blogs up. I have a large competitive, ambitious streak in me, and I decided to make an Alicia Rivera blog. With a little help from Massie Block Love who graciously took me in, I am inclined to say my blog was pretty good.

What will you bring to The Alpha Files, that the other girls may not be able to offer?

I have a natural talent for flair, that maybe only one or two of my competitors share. I think I’m very talented when it comes to being creative and original. I’ve had a years worth of experience blogging, as I have had a few fashion blogs before, I post regularly and I’m probably one of the most fun people to work with. I have a love and understanding of style and trends that most girls probably only think they possess. I’ve worked hard to get where I am in the Word Press community, a fairly well-known and liked blogger, and I want to spread my horizons a little bit more.

Why would you like to be my partner?

You’re a well-known and liked blogger, who’s made quite the name for herself and has a great blog and writing style. Plus you aren’t a snob like some girls with a lot of views are, so why wouldn’t someone want to work with you? I’ve seen your Polyvore sets and you seem to know what you’re talking about when it comes to fashion and beauty, and I’d like the opportunities that come with being your partner.

Tell me about yourself. Talk about anything you’d like to do with YOU. Your personality, your interests/hobbies, your dislikes, your likes, your favorite things, etc.

I think I’m clever, and quick-witted. I like to think of myself as a pretty jovial and comedic person- I like making people laugh. I’m a dancer, as was my mother and grandmother, it’s kind of a family trait. I love music, singing, and I’m trying to teach myself how to play the piano- not working out so well. I love writing, and I want to be an author one day, as well as attend Emerson College in Boston. I love sheer button down shirts, and colored jeans. I wish I could live in the 1920s back when glamour and class thrived. I love pin-up type swimsuits.


Strive for progress, not Perfection.


Advice Question #3:

” All my friends have VS Angel bodies and I’m kind of just there. I want to get the body I want but I don’t want to starve myself or become obsessed about it.  How can I shed some weight and tone up my body without turning towards the unhealthy options. Please help, I don’t want to be insecure anymore.

Dear Drowning in Diets,

I can totally relate to what you’re going through. Being a dancer you have to have the highest performance level- which means staying healthy. Having to starve yourself or make yourself throw up ruins your body- and you’re just earning the fat back. Don’t ever feel the need to do any unhealthy options, it will come back to haunt you.

Firstly, I recommend eating healthy, organic foods. Going on a bunch of diets is tedious, stressful, and rarely works. Instead of eating three big meals, try eating five small snacks throughout the day- almonds, blueberries, carrots, etc. Try talking to your doctor or gym teacher about healthy foods and dieting.


Working out is mostly motivation. You have to want to be more fit, and want to go to the gym- you have to keep at it, you wont get a perfect bod in a week. You can ask a fitness trainer about a workout that’s right for you- overworking your body is hard. If you aren’t already active, start small and increase as you go, trying to do a huge long regimen just starting out isn’t good for your body.


Find what works for you- are you seeing more results from doing lunges with weights or crunches? Stuff like that. At the gym, it’s good to try a handful of exercises thirty minutes on the treadmill, thirty bicycles, ten weighted squats, etc. I completely and totally recommend having a sport to do- getting fit is so much easier when you’re doing something you love. Zumba is a fun, and great way to shed some extra weight while having fun.


Above all, make sure you’re doing this because you want to be healthy and active- not because you feel too chubby compared to your friends. The best motivation is wanting to look better for yourself, not others. Doing sports like cheerleading, soccer, swimming, volleyball, dance, etc. can be fun things you enjoy while getting fit. Choose an activity or workout that’s fun and works for you.

If you’re a blogger, XOXOAHY introduced to me an excellent blogger workout-

New Follower; 30 sit-ups

Like On A Page; 20 push-ups

Commenting On Someone’s Blog; 20 squats

Liking Someone’s Page or Post; 20 bicycles

A Comment On Your Blog; 20 Jumping Jacks

Following Someone’s Blog; 30 second planks

Every Time You Say ‘Lol’ ‘Haha’ or ‘Omg/Emg’ on AIM; 30 second Wall Sit

New post coming soon!

The Original Alpha,


Spring Into Dance


I stepped into my adorable new dress, perfectly planned for March 1st- the official start of springtime according to yours truly. The dress was an adorable orange-and-teal floral bustier with white skirt from Juicy’s new line, and a few peach and teal bangles courtesy of Ella Moss. With a fluff of my golden waves and a swipe of peach lipgloss I was definite ten. You see, not only was today anxiously-awaited for the mark of Spring, tonight was the Strut Off. Rory VS. Poppy, the only dancers everyone was coming to watch, and I had to be dressed to perfection.


I walked down the hallway, into the courtyard to eat at a cute sushi cafe, How Do You Roll, with the STARS. The girls were already waiting for me. I beamed,” Hey girls!” and they gave their cheerful replies. “So we’re all ready, right? The STARS versus Poppy and her crew?” Serena said excitedly. She had recently had a fight with Sadie but it was all patched up now. Rachel nodded in reply, “Who is all dancing on her side, again?” She asked, taking a bite of her Alamo roll. I wiped my mouth, “Fiona, Lissy, Sasha, and I think Katie B.,”I said.

Taylor bit her lip nervously, “I’ve been practising extra hours in the studio, I needed help getting the big leap down,” She said. Sadie rolled her eyes,” Puh-lease, T, you’ll do fabulous. Everyone knows your grand allegro’s are flawless.” I smiled at them, taking a bite of my special-made roll including crab, Japanese Mayonaise, and cream cheese.

“By the way, I love your outfit, Rory,” Serena comments, looking at my new dress. I smiled at her, “Thanks! You’re jacket is to die for, I’ll have to steal it,” I winked, looking at her light vintage jacket.

I finished my zero calorie Gold Peak Tea, and grabbed my Louis, “I have to run girls, going to practice some more with Ms. Sharp!” I called, dashing out of the cafe. Being late was not tolerated with Ms. S.


I put the final touches on my outfit. I had practiced for hours in the studios, and it had come time for the Strut Off. I did a triple check in the mirror- my hair was in a perfect bun, a braid going around the base of it, a simple black leotard with the back scooped out, stylishly exposing my gold colored sports bandeu, sheer nude tights and plain black versatile ballet shoes. Of course, my star charm was neatly hidden in my bun.

“Ready?” I asked, turning back around to the STARS, who were all applying body spray and chapstick, or something of the sort. I got tense nods and nervous grins as a reply. We walked out onto the Performance Stage in perfect formation, to be met with the powder blue leos and white tights of Poppy and her dancers.

Elizabeth, a cool girl we met on the plane to BDA, was standing at the iPod dock. She was our ref, and the growing audience were our judges.

Once the crowd was gathered, it was STARS turn first, then the song would fade into Poppy’s song and we’d back off, then the song would fade into ours, then hers, and then we’d both be dancing at the end. “Alright everyone, welcome to BDA’s First Annual Strut Off! After lots of deliberation, we have decided the first two groups will be Poppy, Fiona, Katie, Lissy, and Sasha versus Rory and the STARS, Rachel, Taylor, Serena, and Sadie! We will let each group go twice, then together at the end, and once everything is over, take the online poll found on the BDA website. Alright?” Elizabeth called out. The audience cheered in reply.

Poppy and her crew backed off, and the STARS took their poistions. ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros came softly playing through the speakers, progressively getting louder. At the first beat, each girl went into a leap, and started twirling and doing piroutte’s and arabesque’s. My heart was pounding the beat of the music, filling up all I could hear. We did the couple part, where we each did a cute skit of meeting someone and then pretended to couple dance for a moment, then doing a cabriole and going back into routine. We all ended in complicated jetes.

It was the Poppy’s turn, who danced to the ‘Class A-Team’. It was all very slow and delicate, with lots of twirls and spins. Once they ended, we all spun into ‘Murder She Wrote’ with a more contemporary-ballet feel, with ballet, tango, and lyrical all involved. It was very street-style, complicated and cool. Poppy’s second choice was Halcyon by Ellie Goulding. They started out was Pas de boree ballote’s and ciseaux’s, sticking to the classic ballet theme. Both of us collaborated on dancing to ‘Waltz of the Flowers’ that faded into ‘Sweet Nothings’.

By the time we ended, sweat was pouring down my face and the audience was roaring in their seats.

The STARS and Poppy stood up after a minute, grins and anxious frowns glittering everyone’s faces. The mic squeaked to life, “Alright ladies and gents, you know what to do. For the next fifteen minutes, the polls will be open! We’ll call back our dancers, who have been confiscated from the internet until results are revealed, and announce the winner!” Elizabeth called out. We all practically ran to our dressing rooms, filled with towels and waters.

“What do you think the results will be?” Rachel asked me anxiously, taking a gulp from her Evian.

I bit my lip, “I don’t know,” I said uncharacteristicly, we were great- but was Poppy better?

You Decide.

Side Notes:

– I’m I the only one freaking out over the fact it’s finally spring?! 🙂 Well technically, according to Google, it isn’t but whatever I say is automatically correct so.. It’s finally spring!

– My post for The Alpha Files will be attached to the next post!

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What’s In A Name / Current Favorites


What’s In A Name?

Everyone knows Aurora Blake, first original clique blogger, but no one knows how I became Aurora Blake.

For as long as I can remember, I loved the name Aurora and nickname Rory. Once I rediscovered blogging, they just clicked together. I thought of many other names ( Sierra, Hathor, and Victoria were my top three favorites ), but Aurora was always first and foremost. As for the surname Blake, I’ve always loved guys first names as girls last names, and Blake was really the only one that fit for me.

After I had the name, I needed a URL. I thought of a few address’ like aurorablakexo, just plain aurorablake, theaurorablake, but I liked Official Aurora Blake the best- sounded more proper and well, official.

There isn’t too much I can say about my URL, it didn’t take too much time deciding, there isn’t a large backstory.

My Current Favorites:

Movies: Pitch Perfect; Warm Bodies; Beautiful Creatures

Books: City of Bones; The Hobbit

Colors: Mint; White; Coral Pink

Apps: Wanelo; 4 Words 1 Pic; Snapchat

Hairstyles: Medium-wand curls; Waterfall braid;  Messy bun

TV Shows: The Vampire Diaries; The Carrie Diaries; The Walking Dead

Music: Drop In The Ocean; a Thousand Years; The Class A-Team

Stores: dELiA’S, Bloomingdale’s, TopShop

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Tips for Tinsel Time



Skin care is extremely important during the winter, everyone’s skin is dry and chapping! Easy ways to keep your skin fresh and healthy looking are simple, start with moisturizing every day in the mornings and night. I personally love Clean & Clear Daily Glow, it has a nice citrus scent and thoroughly hydrates your skin. If the heels of your feet are cracking, put some lotion on them before bed, and slip into socks!

Body Butter VS. Body Lotion 

You’re more likely to find lotion in your home than body butter, but which is better for your skin?

Lotion is mostly made up of oil and water, to relieve dry skin or medicate it, like Calamine Lotion. Lotion goes on smoothly and leaves no greasy residue, making your body feel nice and silky.

Body Butter is a little more complex. It’s usually made up of cocoa or shea butter, coconut oil, and/or butter. There’s three types: beeswax, whipped, and a bar-type. Body Butters are harder to absorb than lotion, but they are longer-lasting. A downside to body butters, since they are thicker than lotions they tend to leave behind a film on your body.

*Fun Fact!Hot showers feel great in the winter, but they draw moisture out of your skin! Using luke-warm water is a much better choice, even if it doesn’t feel as relaxing.


Tinted moisturizer over heavy-foundations! Lots of girls go for their heavy foundations and powders, to cover up pale complexions but this leaves a caked on looking that no one wants. Tinted moisturizer are great for adding coverage of your pale skin and providing some hydration.

Bronzing lotion is great for a quick sun-kissed look, but don’t apply too much – no one wants to be a Snooki. I love Scott Barnes Body Bling Moisturizing Shimmering Body Lotion, but remember to wipe your hands off after applying it!

I love cream eyeshadow for a party-look. Cream-based shadows are thicker, adding a dramatic flair. When you blend them into powder eyeshadow, it gives you that extra kick you need to be the belle of the ball! Don’t be afraid to do fun colors – the worse that can happen is you don’t like it and you use makeup remover for a clean slate!


You’re can easily get dry during the winter, as well as getting those pesky split ends. A cool trick for relieving static-y hair is to take a dryer sheet and rub it on your hair! Shampoo less frequently during the winter, but keep your conditioning regular to avoid moisture damage.

Avoid spraying alcohol – infused hairspray’s, they dry out your hair making it brittle.

Regular trims about 6-10 weeks are a must to get rid of any dead ends. It will keep your hair looking bouncy and fresh.

Hair accessories during the winter are a must – hats, scarves, earmuffs, etc. Not only do they keep the heat in, but they can look adorable when paired with the right outfit. Make sure they aren’t too tight, though, or it can cut off your scalp’s growing circulation.

4. DIY

Not everyone can afford all the hair and beauty products, so here are some easy ways to do-it-yourself!

Dry, Chapped Lips:

Needed: 1/3 Brown sugar, 1/3 Honey, and 1/3 Olive Oil

Mix it up, rub it on in a circular motion, then wipe off for kissable lips!

Oatmeal Face Mask:

Needed: 2 tablespoons of oatmeal + a teaspoon of baking soda + a
drop of vanilla + enough warm water to form a paste

Rub into face in a circular motion, leave on for about 2-3 minutes, and wash off
with warm water.  Oatmeal is kind of beauty “super-food” – it is naturally
calming to skin, helps lock in moisture, removes dead cells and treats minor

Dry, Lackluster Hair:

Needed: 2 Tbsp. olive oil +1 tbsp of honey

Mix it up, and run through your hair. Leave it in for about half an hour, then rinse using cold water for shiny, bouncy hair.


Winter is a great opportunity to show off how you can still look great, even with more clothes!

Obviously each year there’s going to be different trends going on, so for this post I’ll stick with the classics. Scarves, hats, and boots will always be ‘In’. Most girls are freezing in the winter because they can’t figure out how to layer and stay cute. Having simple clothing, and adorable accessories can go a long way, and keep you warm. Personally, I have an obsession with coats. Bomber style, Leather jackets, Peacoats, you name it – I have it.

Wearing summer clothes when it’s 30 degrees outside is never in style, so make sure you stay warm! Mittens, earmuffs, and outerwear are health-wise must’s. A cute pair of bright mittens and matching ‘muffs can liven up in neutral-toned winter outfit!

I try to stay away from bright colors in the winter, and use them for accessorizing. For example, white skinny jeans, lavender long-sleeved oversweater, black boots, and then a pair of bright turquoise mittens and a strand of pearls is one of my go-to winter outfits. It’s stylish, warm, and not too dull!

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The Original Alpha

The Beginning of A Beautiful Loveship

My new Prada’s are laying in a heep on my floor, discarded rom-coms are pretty much scattered all over my dorm. My golden curls have been brought into a ponytail, and my cream colored manicured fingers are readily typing at the keys. A long stemmed orangey-red rose its prettily in the vase next to this MacAir Pro, but who from? Read and find out…


I walked over to my trashcan, throwing away another tissue. It was Valentine’s Day, my favorite holiday besides my birthday, and I was crying over some boy. Stupid Saxon. Who cheats on their girlfriend days before Valentine’s? What a jerk.

Hopping onto my plush bed, I clicked play on ’27 Dresses’, picking up my Ben & Jerry’s Cheesecake Brownie pint. Normally I’d go for some low-fat Pinkberry, but I needed some disgustingly good carbs right now. I laughed at the part where she dances in that god-awful blue bridesmaid dress. Luckily none of the STARS had their birthday on V-Day otherwise I would have to go put on a fake smile and try to act excited. All of the STARS were born on holidays, I was born on NYE, Rachel and Taylor were born on St. Patricks Day, Sadie was born on July 4th, etc.

*Tap* I looked over, and decided to ignore the person knocking on the door. If Rachel had lost her room key again, she could go find it, I decided.

*Tap* *Tap* The knockings came again, disrupting my movie. I groaned, putting on my J-Couture slippers, trudging over to the door.

I whipped it up, ready to chew out whoever had disturbed my Katherine Heigel time. “Who do y- Tyler?” I asked, surprised. He grinned his side cocky-smile, “I was wondering.. I know you and Saxon just ended things.. But I was wondering if you wanted to go to the carnival down by Washington park? Just as friends, of course,” Tyler added quickly.

I thought for a moment, biting my Glossip Girl-coated lip. You know how hard it is to get Glossip Girl in Cali- very hard. I smiled, “Sure, pick me up at six,” I said, then promptly closed the door. It was just as friends- right? Tyler was super fun to be with, so why not.

I grinned giddily to myself, going to pick out a Valentines-Themed outfit, casual but cute.


I smoothed out my dress, making sure the outfit was a total ten. It was 6:57, I realized, checking the clock. I quickly swiped on some more ‘Heartbreak Honeydew’ GG lipgloss, and did I quick run through of my hair. A girl should always look her best, no matter where she was going.

There was a knock on the door, and I rushed over to the door- counting to ten of course, and opened it.

I smiled, looking at Tyler. He had a single lily in his hand- roses were so cliché, white lilies were my favorite flowers- and was dressed in a white button down shirt and jeans. “Is this for me?” I asked directing my eyes toward the flower. “Um, no, I was actually wondering if Poppy was here?” Tyler teased, pretending to look behind me. “Shut up,” I laughed, snatching the lily and putting it into a vase.

“Shall we?” He asked, sticking his arm out for me to take.

I smiled, “We shall,” and took his arm.


I came home a few hours later, exhausted. The..outing.. had been amazing. There was a giant ferris wheel we rode, overlooking the lake, and Tyler looked like he was going to be sick. Apparently he was afraid of heights. We walked around, playing silly games like Balloon Darts and Ring Toss- Tyler even won me a giant white teddy bear from knocking down five milk bottles.

The food was sugary and fattening but divine, complete with cotton candy, funnel cake, and caramel apples. We shared a giant powered Funnel Cake, Tyler accidentally spilling some on a poor old couple who good naturedly waved it off with a laugh.

Tyler ended up getting suckered into a Dunk Tank, and got soaked thoroughly when a huge guy decided to impress his girlfriend.

I sighed as we came to my dorm door, “I had so much fun, Ty.”

He grinned at me, and placed a kiss on my cheek. “Me too, Roar. We should do something like this again?”

I nodded bashfully, before softly closing my door.

“Look who’s finally home,” A sickly sweet voice sneered. I rolled my eyes and put on a fake pout, “Awh, no Valentines, Pops?” I asked. setting my purse down. Poppy gave me a wicked smirk, “I got one from someone named Saxon?” I gasped, and narrowed my eyes, “Ex-cuse me?”I snarled. “Ree-lacks Rory, he was blowing my phone up asking about you, gawd.”

 I sighed, relieved. “Tell him to kiss it, you’re good at being a bitch, aren’t you?” I quipped, and shut myself in the bathroom. Tonight was perfect, one girl and lovesick ex was nawt going to change that, I thought to myself.

Out of nowhere, a previously unnoticed teddy bear started singing, “Happy Valentine’s, Rory! We love you!” over and over. I walked over to it, and saw a card signed by all of my STARS. I grinned, and hugged the bear.

This February 14th was perfect.


Side Notes:

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