Return of the Blakes


Return of the Blakes

No, unfortunately, I don’t mean Rory.

Her story is (mostly) over now. However, due to my twitching fingers, I have taken up blogging again. If you liked Rory’s blog, you will love Rina’s story. As some of you may remember, Rory had a little sister, Katerina Blake. And I’ve decided to share her story.

Katerina’s story takes place when she is a junior at Waverly Academy, ready to take her place as Queen. But, like any other hierarchy managed boarding school, things aren’t going to be easy. Rina has her best friends by her side, but if you’ve followed along with the Pretty Committee and STARS, you know best friends can only do so much. And with the pressure of college and social status, Rina struggles with stepping out of Rory’s shadow.

The Blakes are back in Rina’s story, and if you want to follow along, click here to be taken to her blog.

Hope to see you there 🙂



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