The Close

“It is so hard to leave- until you leave. And then it the easiest thing in the world.”

– John Green

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The Close

Laughing, I spun around, my sequined tulle dress ballooning around me. The champagne was warm and bubbly in my stomach, and my feet ached from their place in my Louboutins. I turned twenty-four today, and my boyfriend- Noah, you might remember him- had thrown me a huge party at our loft. Fireworks crackled and popped as they painted the sky from outside.

Lots of things have changed since senior year at Waverly. I was accepted into Columbia, I got into a prestigious ballet company and now I frequent Broadway. After senior year I traveled all over Europe with the STARS, before we sadly parted ways. Serena went to Brown, and is currently a Guess model- she still lives in New York but we rarely see each other due to her traveling a lot. Rachel moved to LA after graduating from NYU and is a well known PR agent for celebrities. Taylor moved to England in order to be apart of a world-renowned riding program. Sadie is about to graduate from Stanford, and has quit dancing professionally.

The STARS and I keep in touch, because not even oceans can break up a friendship like ours.

My little sister, Katerina, is the new queen bee of Waverly Academy, so I know I left it in good hands.

This wasn’t the happy ending I expected, but it’s so much better.

-Yep! It’s the time. I’m quitting the blog of Rory Blake. It’s almost been two years since I started blogging, and in all honesty, this type of blog just isn’t something I’m interested in. And it isn’t fair to my followers and it isn’t fair to me to try to strain my writing just so I’ll have a post out there.

– I may still post every now and then, but it’s probably going to be rare.

– I will still be blogging on Tessa, occasionally S.I.S, and maybe even some new blogs 😉

– My claim on Candice Accola is no longer, but I will still be claiming Teresa Palmer.

– Keep a look out on my Twitter or the Tessa blog for any news. I will still be checking my e-mail, so don’t feel shy to shoot me one! Same goes for my Rory ask and Twitter. My WHI will still be a DNU and still be in use for my other blogs.

Thanks everyone, for sticking with me and this blog!

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You Know You Heart Me,


2 thoughts on “The Close

  1. Please wait while I go get my tissues! I’m about to cry!
    K, I’m back.

    This is a very sad day in the blogging world.
    Rory has been such a great character here and I am very sad to see her go.
    May your new blogging journey see you well.
    Goodbye, Rory Blake.



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