Relax, Darling

My blonde hair is back in a French fishtail, and my muscles are nice and relaxed after a citrus hot stone massage. I don’t have another Tandeu’s for Tots class until tomorrow so I have the weekend to step back and take a few deep breaths. Life has been pretty hectic lately, but it’s nothing a fresh coat of Essie and Chai tea can’t solve.


Relax, Darling

I set the newest issue of Elle down on my nightstand, and rolled back over to face where Serena and Rachel were laying on Serena’s bed. Taylor was in the plush white chair in the sitting area a few feet away, and Sadie was laying in the middle of the floor with a cashmere blanket wrapped around her.

“Ugh,” Sadie groaned, “I have a massive headache, can someone turn the dehumidifier on? I think I’m stuffy.”

Taylor reached over and plugged it in. “I know what you mean, horseback riding has been kicking my butt lately.”

“The show was awesome though,” I said, thinking back to our performance of Midsummer’s Night, absently stroking my soft blanket. I got a chorus of agreement and nods back at me. Earlier today I had been practicing lines for a new web series called Vengeance, so I had an early start.

Tomorrow I would be auditioning for Chicago on Broadway. It was my absolute dream to be one of the seven merry mistresses.

“We should do something to just, like, take some time off to ourselves,” Rachel piped up from where she was applying a facial.

“Oooh, that sounds fun!” Serena said, and she got the familiar gleam in her eyes that either meant disaster or magnificent.

“What about a bonfire? The woods next to the stables would be perfect, we could bring blankets and cozy chairs,” Taylor suggested. I tapped my nail to my chin, thinking it over. It was a good idea, but we would have to sneak past the school.

“Alright, let’s get planning!” I finally agreed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon discussing details. Trent, a baseball player, could get us the wood and things for a safe fire, so Rachel would talk to him in class on Monday. We were going to invite people to bring their own snacks but have marshmallows and sticks ready. I would bring extra blankets, and a few chairs from the girls dorm lobby. Tomorrow would we tell the other girls all about it, and get them to start spreading the word.

I rushed into Ballet, quickly taking off my Ralph Lauren jacket and tossing it on top of my dance bag. I had made it just in time, the clock chiming four-thirty. I went to Teen Vogue after relaxing with the girls yesterday, and was forced into doing a bunch of crazy tasks against Noah. Who was irritatingly attractive and efficient- but I still beat him at all tasks but one (Filing, but hello, these Tiffany wrapped wrists were not made for office work).

“Hey,” I said to Dana Wolverton. Dana had shoulder length brunette hair and tan skin, her family was originally from West Virgina but they moved a few months ago. She was a complete G.L.U.

“Hey, where’s the fire?” She teased, smoothing down the small wrinkle of her peach skirt.

“Ha-ha, a fire is the last thing I need. I’m so overbooked,” I groaned, slipping my Bloch ballet shoes on and started to warm up with some barre work.

“Tell me about it, my parents are pressuring me big time to get into an Ivy college like Iris. Which was my original plan but now I am really looking into this design school in London,” Dana said, starting out with some tandeu’s and pa da barre’s. Iris was Dana’s older sister who went to Harvard, pursuing some sort of political career or something like that.

Ms. Juliet, the Tuesday advanced ballet teacher, walked in after that, and put on some music. Each of the girls lined up at the barre and did our usual warm up.

Even with a way crazy life, I could always count on dance to keep me calm and ordered.

“Rory!” Ms. Juliet yelled.

…Or maybe not.


– Hey guys! So surprise post in the middle of the week, yay!

– This is also a comment for comment post and the first few people who comment will get a shoutout in my next post 🙂

– Check out Becca’s writing competition!

– So I haven’t been posting much on my real life blog, S.I.S, but once I am no longer grounded it will be coming back! I’ll be doing a RP-related series like how to get into character, plot making, finding a faceclaim, choosing a name, making the blog, etc.

You Know You Heart Me,



6 thoughts on “Relax, Darling

  1. It seems like you have a lot going on right now, hope things calm down.
    I love Essie polish as well, but it can’t hold a candle to OPI 😉

    Stay fabulous,
    xx MBOB

  2. Aurora,
    The bonfire sounds like something not to miss despite having to sneak past the school. Midsummer’s night sounds like a really fun ballet to put on and Dana and Iris seem nice. A break with Stars sounds like the perfect cure to your hectic life. Wonder what Miss Juliet wanted.
    Ps. New post, check it out?
    Happy Thanksgiving,


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