Eat Your Heart Out

I sit on one of the plush white chairs in the library, my new burgundy nails typing away on the Macs provided. My outfit today is  black cropped t-shirt, two tone high waisted shorts, a white cardigan, black MK riding boots with burgundy socks peeking out;  a total 10. Halloween was ah-mazing, and so was Serena’s birthday party. But now it’s time for fall, as the pumpkin latte sitting next to me helps keep me warm from the autumn chill. Earlier today…

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Eat Your Heart Out

I quickly mussed my blonde blowout, grabbed my Gucci bag, and walked out of the dorm. I had an interview with TeenVogue at eleven, and it was already nine o’clock. It didn’t usually take a long time to get to Manhattan, but just to be safe I wanted to get on the road early just in case of traffic.

I was already a teacher for Beginners Ballet at Momentum, a three time winner of Young Dancer of the Year as well as I had a small part in ‘Chicago’ on Broadway my junior year. But it wasn’t enough, to be honest, I wanted to make my mark on the world- even if I had to chasse-step-leap my way to the top. Becoming the assistant and consultant to Fashion Editor Mikala Rebun would give me another edge, this time in the fashion world.

I wrote a note on the whiteboard on the dorm door telling Rach and S that I would be back later.

I walked down the dorm stairs, and out to the senior parking lot, hopping into my car. I tossed my bag into the passenger seat and put on my RayBans before pulling out. It was time to show TeenVogue  who their next employee is.

I made it to the city with thirty minutes to spare, so I parked a little ways away from the headquarters so I could stretch my legs and walk a bit. It was kind of chilly out, with a light breeze, but my cardigan kept most of the cold out. I took the last sip of my chai tea and tossed it in a nearby trashcan, looking over to make sure my aim was right. While I was looking away for two seconds I accidentally crashed into someone.

“Oh! Sorry, I wasn’t looking,” I said, offering to help up the fallen guy. Oh wow, the guy actually looked like he was around my age, and not unattractive. “It’s fine, I’ve been kind of scatterbrained lately,” He replied, taking my hand and pulling himself up. His palm was warm against mine, despite it being chilly. He had tan skin, short raven colored hair, and bright white teeth.

“I’m Rory Blake, I’m headed to an interview at TeenVogue,” I said, smiling. The guy lifted his eyebrow before smirking, “Noah Kyle, I’ll see you around Rory Blake,” He said, before jogging off.

I did a little happy dance inside. Kol and I had been on-again off-again for a while now, and I was looking for something more steady while the rest of my life gets crazy.

I walked a little while, walked into the building, and up to the room. Ms. Rebun’s Senior Assistant would be interviewing me. I took a seat while the last interview finished up. The walls of the room were turquoise, with white couches and furnishing, blood orange flowers and embellishments here and there, and a pretty redheaded receptionist taking calls at the white desk.

The door to Ms. Rebun’s office swung open, and a tall bleach blonde walked out. She was wearing a sequined mini skirt, a red oversized sweater, and black Chanel booties- it was sort of trashy chic, with her dark roots making an appearance at the top of her head. She gave me a distasteful expression, which I returned with a sickly sweet smile.

“Aurora Blake?” A nice but sharp voice called.

I grabbed my bag and resume and walked in.

“Hello!” I chirped, handing over my resume.

“It says here you’ve dancing since you were young?” Ms. Rebun asked. She was a young woman, probably mid twenties,  with shiny auburn hair and blue eyes.

I nodded, “Yes m’am, I’ve been dancing at Momentum Dance studio in Westchester, where I was born and raised.”

“And you’re a senior at Waverly Academy currently?”

“Yes, my schedule is free though. I’m in the Honors student program, as well as NHS and I have enough credits to graduate early but I decided to stay so I could get the full senior year experience. But because I have enough credits I can take off any time so school wont be a problem,” I said, smiling.

She nodded, returning my smile. “So have you ever done anything similar to being an assistant?”

“I was a student teacher at Momentum Dance and now I’m a teacher for the toddler class. My junior year I was the TA for Fashion Marketing?” I offered, raising my eyebrows.

“Well I’ll have to think it over, but it seems like you have a great chance. Thanks for coming in, we’ll call you soon!” She said, holding her hand out.

I stood up and shook her hand, “Thank you!”

I walked out of the room and headed for the elevator, giddy and determined. Until I heard the name “Noah Kyle” being called out. I whipped around, my green eyes alight with shock. The guy I had bumped into stood up with a messenger bag strung across his shoulders and a resume in his hand, and winked at me before walking in.

Eh. Ma. Gawd.


– Hi guys! I’m glad to have the time to post! This is a comment for comment post!

– I will also be following back every blog that follows me before Monday, and the same goes for Twitter 🙂

– I also wanted to ask a quick question, do you guys prefer third person or first person?

– My next post will be sometime soon!

You Know You Heart Me,



20 thoughts on “Eat Your Heart Out

  1. Hola Rory,
    Loved the post! Noah sounds cute, but not cute enough to get the internship over you. I’m crossing my fingers for ya! Hope you’re enjoying that pumpkin latte, I could definitely go for one of those right now. (:

    xoxo, Leesh

  2. That’s ah-mazing that you were interviewed for teen vogue 🙂 Noah sounds cute but I think the internship (it’s teen vogue!) is more important.
    Love the makeover as well 🙂

    Stay fabulous,
    xx MBOB

  3. OooOo, too bad Noah was so hawt, you guys are competition now! P.S. I see the beginning of a new plot… :3 I cannot wait!

    -Yours Truly, Becca

  4. Wonderful post, Rory!
    I was surprised to see Noah at the interview after you’d met him. Also, I think first-person makes a post more personal, in response to your question, but either can look really good.


  5. Hey Rory!
    I liked your new post!
    Awh, Noah sounded so cute, but he can’t get in your way of that internship.
    I would like to know more about him, though. 😉

    Sincerely, Dylan
    P.S. New post, could you please check it out? ♥


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