Blow A Kiss

I run my fingers through my blonde waves, sighing happily as I set my Starbucks Chai Latte down on the desk next to me. It’s been so long since I last blogged, and so much has changed, I’m excited to start up again. I run a quick swipe of EOS balm across my lips before setting my new French manicure to work.

Starbucks ;)

Blow A Kiss

I step out of my cherry red Corvette -a gift for my seventeenth birthday, smoothing down my Waverly Academy blazer. My outfit for the first day of senior year was a white lace peplum top, burgundy skinny jeans, and a skinny brown belt that matches my brown wedges. My hair is in it’s usual waves, a little longer than it used to be, with fresh summer-natural light gold highlights.

I drop my phone into the LV purse on my arm, locking my car, and walking over to where the STARS were waiting for me at the front gates.

I had seen them some over summer break, but the last month of summer-early fall I spent in Italy with my cousins, so it had been a long time. “Girls!” I called happily, and watched as they all realized who had been calling them. Their faces lit up with smiles, and we group hugged quickly before entering the school. “How was Italy, Roar?” Rachel asked, her brown locks glossy in the early sun. “Ah-mazing, the vineyard was absolutely beautiful,” I replied.

“So have you guys checked out the room assignments?” I asked the group.

“Yeah, yours is still at the office, they wouldn’t let us pick it up for you,” Rachel said with a frown.

“It’s cool, I’ll be right back,” I walked off to the front office, saying hi to Katherine, Waverly’s counselor for A-J students. I told them my name and showed them my student ID. They handed me a thick manila envelope, of which I took and walked back over to the group. Flipping through the pages I got to the information page, “Okay so I’m on 5th floor Dorm 3A, and I have Locker C226?” I said, looking up questioningly at them.

“You’re with me and Rach,” Serena said, doing a small dance in her Tory Burch’s. “And with us in the next room,” Sadie smiles, bumping Taylor in the hip.

“This is great, we’re finally seniors!” Taylor squealed and we all laughed together.


– Okay so this post was literally like twenty sentences. Sorry, but it’s late and I’m grounded and can only have technology on weekends. That being said, I wont be posting regularly for a while but I am off of hiatus.

– When I can I will be making more pages, as you can see the blog has a new makeover!

– To answer any and all questions pertaining my clique members: Yes, they are all still active. Some of them are on hiatus but as I have talked to each of them today, I can assure you there are active and I’m not looking for replacements.

– Check out Glamazon and S.I.S!

– I’m sure there’s something I’m forgetting, but oh well.


12 thoughts on “Blow A Kiss

  1. Rory,
    You’re one of the few bloggers that writes posts I always look forward to reading.
    With that being said, it’s super exciting that you’re back.
    I can’t wait to see what the year at Waverly Academy brings to you and the STARS.



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