Round One


Round One

Ciao, Glamazons! This is the first round of The Armani Affair. Somehow my last post detailing the contest was deleted, but oh well, I’ll just explain everything here.


– No one is ever going to be eliminated, unless you drop out.

– You will have one week to complete the task, unless you explain why you can’t do this.

– Each round, every member of the STARS will score you from 1-10, there will be five tasks, and at the end of the contest the contest closest to 50 points will win.

Current Task:

You have until next Saturday, July 27th, to complete this task.

We’re going to start off easy. Make a Polyvore set of an outfit that you would wear when visiting your favorite place to go- or would want to go. E-mail me a link to the set with the title ‘TAA Round One’.


– Obviously the outfit needs to include either a shirt and shorts/pants or a dress

– Three makeup items

– A bag

– A photo or some sort of representation of the place

– In your sets description, write about why it’s your favorite place.


sponsoredbyralphlauren – Alicia Rivera

itsjustbobbixo – Bobbi Samuels

dissesfromdylan – Ty/DFD

astepinmystilettos – Mandi

massiessecretjournal – Lauren

officialalisoncarter – Alison Carter

tinybeccabrie – Becca Brie

massieglamorousalpha – MGA/Ali

glittermassieblock – Massie Block

massielilyblock – MLB


You Know You Heart Me,




15 thoughts on “Round One

  1. Hey Rory!
    I know the deadline to join is over, but is there any way I could still be a contestant?
    As you may know, I’ve been in Europe for the past 19 days (June 26-July 14) with no internet access, so I had no way of joining.
    If not, that’s fine, just thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. 😛
    Love your new makeover, by the way.

    Massie Mae B.

  2. Rory, I emailed you my entry. 🙂 If the email somehow doesn’t go through, could you please contact me?

    ~ Bean Block/OfficialAlisonCarter

  3. Hey Rory!
    So sawry, but in order to prepare for my BTS, I’ve decided the best thing to do to keep me on the tawp of my game is to take a mini hiatus. This means I will have to pull out of this contest. I hope you can understand! 🙂

    -Massie Mae B.


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