Young and Beautiful

Ciao, lovelies! I’m so sorry about the extra long wait for the post, I had exams this past week- but now that it’s summer I’ll have lots of time to post! Without further adue, I present this weeks post.


Young and Beautiful

I fluffed my curls up in the mirror one more time, and applied an extra coat of BareMinerals mascara. I turned around to survey my dorm room, and glanced at myself in the mirror. For my first day at Waverly I choose to wear a strapless floral top, a coral blazer, cream jeans, and brown braided sandals.

I pulled out my schedule, and my first class of the day was Painting. It was a hobby of mine, nothing like dance of course, but I did fairly well at painting.

I walked down the clean white halls, smirking on the inside as I saw some students stop to look at me. I looked over at a group of guys that were sitting on a bench outside of the art classroom. They were total HARTs, but one caught my eye in particular. He was like a Nate Archibald clone, with tan skin and shaggy blonde-brunette hair and bright blue eyes. I confidently strode up to him, “Hey, is this where Painting is?”

He looked up at me with a smile, “Yeah, are you new?”

I nodded, “I’m Rory.”

“I’m Kol, Kol Vanderbilt,” He said and held his hand out for me.

I grinned and shook his hand.

The Vanderbilts were poltical and business tycoons, famous in all of the east coast for their social standing and wealth. Not that it matters, but it was definitely a nice plus.

I walked into the room and surveyed it. The walls were white, easels were set up everywhere, there were racks of different colors and mediums in the back, and a sculpting room. I took an open chair and starting to fill my palette. I looked up to see a redheaded girl take the seat to the right of me. She was pretty, and her new Ralph Lauren top was nicely paired with gray skinny jeans.

“Hi, I’m Rory,” I said, smiling politely at her.

The girl raised an eyebrow at me, “Mm, nice, my names Bri,” She said before turning around and ignoring me.

I scoffed. Who does she think she is? Obviously someone took the wrong train to Bitch Station this morning. I shook my head and returned to setting up, no negativity on the first day, I reminded myself.

“Are you new?” A voice asked, luckily to the left of me.

I looked up to see a nice looking blonde girl setting up her own palette. “Yeah, I’m from RCD, in Westchester, but then I transferred to BDA in California, and now I’m back,” I said happily.

She nodded, and brushed her bags out of her face, “So you’re a dancer? That’s cool. My cousin went to BDA.”

“Oh wow,” I nodded, “Well I’m glad some people are nice here.” I said rolling my eyes in the redheads direction. The blonde girl glanced at the redhead nervously before lowering her voice, “You seem nice, so I’m going to give you a warning. You don’t mess with The Terribles, they will destroy you.”

This time I raised my eyebrow, “She’s a Terrible?”

The blonde nodded, “That’s Briana Wellington, she’s one of Kara’s minions. Not as bad, but still influential.”

I smiled sweetly, “Well Kara hasn’t met me.”

I walked to the courtyard, where the STARS and I were meeting up for lunch. Waverly’s lunchroom was way overcrowded so they allowed some of the students to eat outside in the courtyard gardens.

“Hey girls!” I said, seeing the group together at one table with lunch out on the table.

“Hey Rory, we got you sushi,” Rachel announced happily through her bite of a deli roll. I smiled, seeing my special order of white rice, crab, cream cheese, cucumber, and avocado goodness. “How was everyone’s day so far?” Serena asked, setting her phone down onto the table.

“Well I had a run in with a Terrible in Painting,” I said, taking a bite of sushi.

Sadie’s eyes got wide, “Which one?”

“Brianna?” I said, shrugging and wiping my mouth.

Taylor nodded, “I gathered some information earlier today. Apparently there’s five of them, the Queen Bee- which is like their Alpha- is Kara Dresden which we know. The other four are her minions. Brianna Wellington, who has red hair and everyone calls Bri. Erika Hillard, who’s the granddaughter of Henry Hillard, that New Money businessman. Daphne Lawerence, who’s French and who’s mom is apparently some French model but no one knows for sure. Then Teresa Carmichael, who’s like the beta, she’s always clashed with Kara over Queen Bee status.”

I nodded, typing everything into the Notes section of my PalmPilot. “Is that all we know so far?”

Everyone nodded and shrugged.

“Okay, try to find out more in your next classes but don’t seem too obvious about it, we don’t want to come off desperate,” I instructed, throwing away the last of my uneaten lunch.

Serena checked the time on her phone, and nudged Sadie, “Hey we need to get going now if we want to make it to the East Wing for Modeling 101,” She said, grabbing her purse. “Okay, see you guys later,” Sadie said, walking off with Serena.

“Yeah, we need to get going too, Ror, we’ll be late for Horseback. We’re determining levels today,” Rachel said, throwing her own food away. “Wish us luck!” Taylor said, walking towards the stables.

“Um, yeah, I need to go too,” I said, mostly to no one, and grabbed my new Louis to start walking towards Creative Writing.

Side Notes:

-Okay, so it turns out I’m really bad at sticking to schedules. But, now that school is officially out for me, I’ll have a lot more time to post and I have a new posting schedule that I promise to stick to!

– This is a CFC post! Comment about my post, and I’ll comment on yours 🙂

– I’m going to be putting up a few new pages soon

– I entered in MBL’s WordPress Awards, so please wish me luck !

The Armani Affair has been postponed to start at the end June, and a post will come sometime around then.

SailingInSublime, my RL blog, has also been put on hold for the time being

– On AIM I notified everyone of my claim on Teresa Palmer and Ginny Gardener, but I realized not everyone has an AIM, so I’m letting everyone know now not to use them as I’m claiming them for future FCs.

You Know You Heart Me,



23 thoughts on “Young and Beautiful

  1. Love the post! Bri seem like a wannabe. 😉
    Oh and I understand about the finals. It’s been way crazy for me too! 🙂
    Good luck with MBL’s awards and can’t wait to see the new pages!
    Stay fabulous,
    xx MBOB

  2. Rory,
    So glad that you seem to be doing well at Waverly.
    That Kol kid seems like a cuties, can’t wait to see how that works out.
    The Terribles seem…terrible (ok, cheesy), but I have no doubt the STARS can take them out. 😉

    Massie Mae B.

  3. Ahh, I friggin love Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey, lol
    Bri sounds like she’s a little too full of herself.
    Good luck with the Terrible’s!

    X’s and O’s,

    Ps: New post!

  4. Hey Rory!
    You will be the top alphas in no time! Don’t mind the Terribles. 🙂 I am really excited to hear more.
    It seems like you and the STARS are adapting to Waverly well. All those classes sound really fun.
    By the way, I love your makeover! The background is so pretty with a pattern of two colors and chevron.

    Kisses from Kris<3

  5. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Brianna and the Terribles definitely sound like girls you’ll need to be weary of.
    Aside from that it sounds like you had a pretty fabulous day!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂
    P.S: New Post

  6. Rory,
    Great post as always!
    I can’t wait to know more about the Terribles and what they’re up to! STARS are always better though. (;
    Your classes seem really cool, I bet you had an amazing day!

    Kisses! ♥

  7. Hey Rory!
    Good luck with the Terrible’s! They better step out of the way, because you and the STARS will totally ruin them 😉
    I hope everything works out with painting also!
    Mind checking out my new post “I’m Really A Mermaid”?

  8. OAB,
    It seems like your first day at Waverly went well! Expect for the encounter with one of the Terribles. It’s great that Taylor had information on them so quickly! Hopefully they won’t be any trouble to you girls.

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  9. OAB,
    Sounds like you enjoyed your first day, Rory!
    Hope you teach the Terribles a lesson 😉
    If they were really Alpha’s, they would have already known that you girls are the real and true Alpha’s.
    Hope everything works out with them, though!


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