Waverly Academy

Author’s Note: EMG! I am so sorry for the late post, state exams have been kicking my butt! Please enjoy, I’m trying to get back on schedule.


Welcome to Waverly

It had been a few days since we landed in Westchester. Saying goodbye to BDA was hard, but it was good to be home. My mom had her baby, it was in fact a girl, and her name is Katerina Grace Blake. She’s a blonde, like me, and extremely cute.

When the STARS came back, we decided we needed a change. After experiencing BDA, Rosewood Country Day just wasn’t going to cut it. We looked at some schools, and eventually settled on Waverly Academy. Obviously term is almost over, so our parents had to pull a few strings to get accepted, but after we made up our minds it was done, done and done.

Obviously at Waverly there’s going to be some established hierarchy, so we’ll have to take them down in time, but that’s tomorrow’s problem. After looking around Instagram and Eliteosphere, I learned that the current Queen Bee is Kara Dresden, Alpha of the Terribles.

We toured Waverly the past week, and it is huge. The building is a giant, in the center of it a courtyard. There are two dorm buildings on either side of the school, one for boys and one for girls. Each dorm floor has a house mother, who doubles as a teacher’s assistant or replacement. W.A is located in the horse country of New York, so not far off from Westchester. There’s a room for practically every activity, an auditorium, painting studio, a gorgeous dance studio, singing room, etc. There’s a field for soccer and lacrosse, and stables for the riding class.

Upcoming Monday will be our first official day at Waverly. We are on Dorm Floor 12, and Rachel and I are in the same room, and Taylor, Serena, and Sadie are in the room next to us. We’re getting our schedules bright and early on Monday.

It turns out one of the girls at Momentum actually goes to Waverly, Bea Marks, who is going to help show us around. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten to talk to her about the Terribles though. Seeing all the Momentum girls was great, it was like part of my family was missing when we were at BDA.

Side Notes:

– A post detailing The Armani Affair should be up sometime next week!

– Okay, so S.I.S is currently on hold because I’ve been super busy these past weeks, but it will be up.. sometime.

– I just wanted to tell everyone, that if you have a problem with me, please e-mail me at officialaurorablake@yahoo.com , also listed on my ‘Rory’ page, instead of making a snide comment in your post, or making an entire post about me.

– Shoutout to Becca because she’s funny and cool.

– Also, I put up a new makeover, what do you think? (:

You Know You Heart Me,



13 thoughts on “Waverly Academy

  1. Rory,

    Lovely makeover! Waverly Academy sounds ah-mazing, except for The Terribles. I’m intrigued about The Armani Affair, can’t wait for the post about it!

    -It’s Just Bobbi xo

  2. Hey Rory!! Waveryly sounds so amazing!! I can’t wait to hear how the takeover goes 😉 Good luck! I can’t wait to see your next post! I love your makeover, the header and background are soooo adorable together! Haha I forgot how childish WordPress can be sometimes. Don’t let a couple people get you down, the rest of WordPress knows how fabulous you truly are 🙂 Gorgeous post girlie!

  3. Bonjour Doll,

    Congratulations to your mom! The baby sounds ah-dorable! Love the makeover! I’m glad you are back in Westchester! The Terribles sound..well,… terrible. I’m sure Rory Blake and the STARS can take them down easily. Show them you the real alpha is. I love your blog! Keep on blogging, beauty. 🙂

    Dance Forever, Skye Hamilton

  4. Rory,
    Congrats to your mom on her baby, she sounds adorable!
    The Terribles stand no chance against the STARS, despite what they may think.

    R. Alaska Sterling
    P.S. Check your email, babe!


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