I Love You CA


I Love You, CA

Ciao, my darlings!

It had been a week since the shocking sleepover, and it had gotten crazy before it got better.

There had been a schoolwide meeting explaining to everyone what had happened. Basically a dancer broke her leg, and her parents were suing Marleigh Brazille. What a LISP- if you know you can’t perform the triple jump, why would you try? People these days.

I looked around my dorm for the last time, the bright walls now stripped white, plain furniture decorating it now. The STARS were waiting for me in the courtyard, saying their own goodbyes. I walked out, bulking suitcases in tow, and said goodbye to my dorm for the last time. BDA had become like my second home, dancing was like breathing to me, and leaving this place is hard.

I waved to some other girls who had been in my classes, before going into the courtyard. I saw the STARS waiting under our designated tree, saying goodbye to the girls we were closest with, and walked over. “Hey girls,” I said as cheerfully as I could. They returned watery smiles. I set my bags down and gave Fiona a hug. “I’ll miss you bella, make sure to Skype or FaceTime me!” She nodded back, flipping her dark hair over her shoulder. Audrey and Elizabeth were standing next to each other, and I said goodbye to them next.

Once all the goodbye’s were said, we started to walk out before I remembered I hadn’t said goodbye to Tyler. “Just a sec!” I said, going back into the courtyard, looking around for him.

“Looking for me?” A voice said behind me. I quickly turned around, only to be met with.. Poppy.

“And turn into stone? Never,” I smirked. She smirked back and rolled her eyes. “I’ll miss our battles of wit, Blake, you were a mildly formidable competitor.” I scoffed, “I bested you everytime, puttana.”

She laughed and walked off.

There was a tap on my shoulder, and then someone covered my eyes. “Guess who?” I smiled and faced him, “Tyler!”

He gave me a tight hug, and then pulled back. “I’ll miss you Roars, you better text me and call me all the time,” He said. I laughed and nodded, “Ahv-iously.” After exchanging a few more words, I walked back to the girls.

Hooking arms with Rachel and Serena, I smiled, and we walked to the waiting car. “It’s time to go home, girls!”

Side Notes:

– Thank you, everyone, for getting me to 7k views! In honor of this, I will be hosting a contest, the Armani Affair. A more detailed post will be up soon!

– My long awaited real-life blog, S.I.S, will be up sometime in the next two weeks!

– Sorry about the wait for this post, girls, I’ve been majorly procrastinating lately.

– I’ve deleted and uploaded a few pages, more new pages will be coming very soon!

There’s a few blogs I encourage you to look at:

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– Kenley Kent


You Know You Heart Me,



7 thoughts on “I Love You CA

  1. Hey Rory,
    Awhh leaving BDA is so sad. 😦
    The dancer must have been pushing her limits way too hard for a Brazille get sued.
    Leaving your BDA friends must have been bittersweet for you can still talk to them via electronics. (;
    Great post and I wish you and the STARS a nice time back at New York.

    Kisses from Kris<3

  2. Rory,
    I’m so sorry you had to leave California but I’m sure your happy to be home in Westchester, New York!

  3. Rory,
    Great post! It was very well written.
    It’s so sad that you all have to leave the school over an ignorant dancer’s broken leg. The goodbyes were sad too, even the goodbye between you and Poppy. I’m sure that wherever you go, you’ll absolutely adore it!



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