Spring Into Dance


I stepped into my adorable new dress, perfectly planned for March 1st- the official start of springtime according to yours truly. The dress was an adorable orange-and-teal floral bustier with white skirt from Juicy’s new line, and a few peach and teal bangles courtesy of Ella Moss. With a fluff of my golden waves and a swipe of peach lipgloss I was definite ten. You see, not only was today anxiously-awaited for the mark of Spring, tonight was the Strut Off. Rory VS. Poppy, the only dancers everyone was coming to watch, and I had to be dressed to perfection.


I walked down the hallway, into the courtyard to eat at a cute sushi cafe, How Do You Roll, with the STARS. The girls were already waiting for me. I beamed,” Hey girls!” and they gave their cheerful replies. “So we’re all ready, right? The STARS versus Poppy and her crew?” Serena said excitedly. She had recently had a fight with Sadie but it was all patched up now. Rachel nodded in reply, “Who is all dancing on her side, again?” She asked, taking a bite of her Alamo roll. I wiped my mouth, “Fiona, Lissy, Sasha, and I think Katie B.,”I said.

Taylor bit her lip nervously, “I’ve been practising extra hours in the studio, I needed help getting the big leap down,” She said. Sadie rolled her eyes,” Puh-lease, T, you’ll do fabulous. Everyone knows your grand allegro’s are flawless.” I smiled at them, taking a bite of my special-made roll including crab, Japanese Mayonaise, and cream cheese.

“By the way, I love your outfit, Rory,” Serena comments, looking at my new dress. I smiled at her, “Thanks! You’re jacket is to die for, I’ll have to steal it,” I winked, looking at her light vintage jacket.

I finished my zero calorie Gold Peak Tea, and grabbed my Louis, “I have to run girls, going to practice some more with Ms. Sharp!” I called, dashing out of the cafe. Being late was not tolerated with Ms. S.


I put the final touches on my outfit. I had practiced for hours in the studios, and it had come time for the Strut Off. I did a triple check in the mirror- my hair was in a perfect bun, a braid going around the base of it, a simple black leotard with the back scooped out, stylishly exposing my gold colored sports bandeu, sheer nude tights and plain black versatile ballet shoes. Of course, my star charm was neatly hidden in my bun.

“Ready?” I asked, turning back around to the STARS, who were all applying body spray and chapstick, or something of the sort. I got tense nods and nervous grins as a reply. We walked out onto the Performance Stage in perfect formation, to be met with the powder blue leos and white tights of Poppy and her dancers.

Elizabeth, a cool girl we met on the plane to BDA, was standing at the iPod dock. She was our ref, and the growing audience were our judges.

Once the crowd was gathered, it was STARS turn first, then the song would fade into Poppy’s song and we’d back off, then the song would fade into ours, then hers, and then we’d both be dancing at the end. “Alright everyone, welcome to BDA’s First Annual Strut Off! After lots of deliberation, we have decided the first two groups will be Poppy, Fiona, Katie, Lissy, and Sasha versus Rory and the STARS, Rachel, Taylor, Serena, and Sadie! We will let each group go twice, then together at the end, and once everything is over, take the online poll found on the BDA website. Alright?” Elizabeth called out. The audience cheered in reply.

Poppy and her crew backed off, and the STARS took their poistions. ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros came softly playing through the speakers, progressively getting louder. At the first beat, each girl went into a leap, and started twirling and doing piroutte’s and arabesque’s. My heart was pounding the beat of the music, filling up all I could hear. We did the couple part, where we each did a cute skit of meeting someone and then pretended to couple dance for a moment, then doing a cabriole and going back into routine. We all ended in complicated jetes.

It was the Poppy’s turn, who danced to the ‘Class A-Team’. It was all very slow and delicate, with lots of twirls and spins. Once they ended, we all spun into ‘Murder She Wrote’ with a more contemporary-ballet feel, with ballet, tango, and lyrical all involved. It was very street-style, complicated and cool. Poppy’s second choice was Halcyon by Ellie Goulding. They started out was Pas de boree ballote’s and ciseaux’s, sticking to the classic ballet theme. Both of us collaborated on dancing to ‘Waltz of the Flowers’ that faded into ‘Sweet Nothings’.

By the time we ended, sweat was pouring down my face and the audience was roaring in their seats.

The STARS and Poppy stood up after a minute, grins and anxious frowns glittering everyone’s faces. The mic squeaked to life, “Alright ladies and gents, you know what to do. For the next fifteen minutes, the polls will be open! We’ll call back our dancers, who have been confiscated from the internet until results are revealed, and announce the winner!” Elizabeth called out. We all practically ran to our dressing rooms, filled with towels and waters.

“What do you think the results will be?” Rachel asked me anxiously, taking a gulp from her Evian.

I bit my lip, “I don’t know,” I said uncharacteristicly, we were great- but was Poppy better?

You Decide.

Side Notes:

– I’m I the only one freaking out over the fact it’s finally spring?! 🙂 Well technically, according to Google, it isn’t but whatever I say is automatically correct so.. It’s finally spring!

– My post for The Alpha Files will be attached to the next post!

– I have taken TWOD & LIBB down, and I’m creating a new, permanent real life blog for your enjoyment.

– To those who still haven’t recieved their comment in return from my last post, I’m working on it asap, I just get really distracted!

– A fabulous new page will be added soon, keep an eye out!

– I know, I know, I just put up a new makeover! But you guys know how makeover crazy I am, so, how do you like this one?









15 thoughts on “Spring Into Dance

  1. Hey, Rory!
    Ah-mazing post as usual. I loved your outfit, it was just so classy and elegant but still with that glamorous Rory charm.
    I definitely think that you and the STARS will win.
    I’m so excited for Spring as well! It’s my favorite season, as opposed to Summer I suppose. Most people prefer Summer but I’m just more of a bright person.
    XO, KLS

  2. Hi Rory,
    Ah-mazing post! The Strutt Off sounds so exciting!
    I’m very confident that you will win, after all the STARS are great dancers.
    Very impressive. 😉 I heart your outfit, so perfect for springtime.

    Kisses from Kris<3

  3. Rory,
    The Strut Off sounded amazing and you did so good. I love Spring, even though it’s still snowing where I live…boo. I will totally vote and the new page sounds super exciting already.

    Kiss! MAB ❤

  4. Hello, Rory!
    Your dancing was phenomenal; Poppy and the girls don’t stand a chance! I can’t wait to see the new life blog! 🙂


  5. Rory,
    Ah I love Pitch Perfect! Haha Spring is always nice since that means Summer is even closer! Ahv course I think you and the STARS should win! It’s a given! Poppy and those other girl’s don’t stand a chance against the STARS. Ah-mazing post as usual. And i can’t wait to read your RL blog!
    Thanks for the shoutout.

  6. Hey girlie,

    I found out about u on astepinmystilettos and I am glad i did 🙂 Ur blog is ah-mazing! Luv the dress, so cute! I’m sure u would win over Poppy and her group. Plz check out my blog?

    I heart u!
    – FG<3

  7. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Adore the outfit of choice, totally perfect for the Strut Off.
    The sushi cafe meet sounds like fun, just in case you had to make any last minute changes to your plan not that any of you had anything to worry about.
    All the practise sounds like it paid off since it seems like you won the crowd over far more than Poppy and her dancers. Not to mention that fact that anyone in their right mind would have to vote for you over Poppy, unless they want to be destroyed.
    Intrigued to hear about how a fellow clique member did in a recent talent show? Be sure to check out my new post: ♚Xylographical Xanthic!
    Thank You For Reading!
    Natalie x 🙂

  8. Great post! Loved the outfit. I wish you the best of luck in The Strut-Off, I’m counting on you to win. I think you did a great job! I adore the blog makeover! Keep on blogging, beauty. 🙂



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