Two Black Cadillacs

Two Black Cadillacs


I walked out of my dorm, it being Saturday we had the day off from school, and I was heading to Café Free Style to meet Tyler.

Passing through the courtyard, I made my way into the lunch wing, and entered Free Style. It was small, with only ten or so tables and three cream booths. It had a tan-cream color scheme with pops of blue here and there. Finding Tyler sitting at one of the booths, I cheerfully walked over to him, “Hey Ty,” I said, setting my new M. Jacobs purse on the table.

He looked up and smiled, “Hey Ror, I already ordered.”

“You know my order?” I said playfully, raising my eyebrows, and taking a sip of the Arizona Tea set out for me.

“You’ve only ordered the exact same sandwich everytime we’re here,” Tyler teased back.

I laughed, and brought out my beeping phone. It was from Serena, telling me to get to the dorm ay-sap. I frowned, looking down at the urgent text. I texted back, saying I would be there as soon as I was done with lunch.

Quickly finishing my non-fat BLT, I bolted out of the lunch place, leaving a very confused Tyler in my wake.

Rushing into our dorm, I saw all the STARS in the lounge, and luckily no Poppy.

“What’s going on?” I said, taking in their somber faces. I plucked my tea from the counter, and took a drink. “Landon is Poppy’s cousin,” Taylor said. I promptly ungracefully spat out my tea. “Eww,” Rachel muttered, slightly smiling as she took a step away from me.

“Eh-ma-scuse me?” I said, wiping the remaining droplets from my chin.

“He broke up with me over text ,” Serena scoffed. “How much of a jerk do you have to be to do that?” Rachel said, disgusted.

We spent the rest of the day trying to cheer Serena up with Ben & Jerry, Pinkberry, and about eleven different rom-coms.


My phone beeped in the middle of Pitch Perfect’s Riff off, and I excused myself from the girls, “I’ll be right back, girlies,” I said, walking outside the dorm where it wasn’t as loud.

It was a call from Saxon, I read, my face lighting up. I quickly swiped the ‘Accept’ button, and pressed my diamond-studded ear to the phone. For a second it was static-y, and I heard a giggle. Saxon must have butt-dialed me.. Leaning into my phone further, I listened.

‘ Saxonnn, give it back! ‘ Came a girly squeal.

‘ Who’s the Master?’ I recognized Saxon’s voice.

‘  Ugh, you are, now give me my phone, you big dork! ‘ The same girl voice whined.

There was some more shuffling, then I heard ‘ When are you going to tell her, Sax, ? ‘ The girls voice said quietly.

‘ It’s complicated, Hales, you know how I feel about her… ‘ Saxon said back.

‘ But you feel the same way about me, Sax, and you know long distance relationships never work ‘ Apparently Hayley said back.

I swiped the ‘End’ button. I had heard enough.

I’ll call Saxon in the morning, I decided, give him a chance to explain- though I wasn’t really sure how you could weasel your way out of that one. Quickly wiping a pesky stray tear- Blake’s don’t really cry, we just put our emotions into our talent, which in my case, is dance- I walked back into the dorm, and continued watch Pitch Perfect. This was a conversation for an

other night, Serena needed us right now and I was going to focus on her.

But Hell was sure to pay a visit in the morning.


Side Notes:

– I absolutely adore Carrie Underwood’s new song, and I think it totally went with this post. Check it out ?

– Do you guys like my new makeover- or do you prefer seamless backgrounds?

– Also, don’t forget about KLS contest, round two is up!

– Check out , she’s a new blogger!

– Don’t forget to vote for Mandi’s Blogger of the Month , I know who I’m voting for!





12 thoughts on “Two Black Cadillacs

  1. Hello, Rory!
    EMG, what a cheater! Hopeefully you can figure out a way to fix this… Soon!

    Thanks ever so much for the shoutout on the In Her Stilettos competition!


  2. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    The lunch meeting with Tyler sounds totally adorable, especially since he remembered your order, even if you do order the same thing every time.
    Although it sucks that it was rudely interrupted by Serena, she had reason to disturb you from your date. Especially since Serena was in definite need of being cheered up after hearing about Landon being Poppy’s cousin.
    The butt-dial from Saxon was one worth listening to, even if it did result in you being upset. Good idea giving him the chance to explain and being a good friend to Serena though.
    Adore the new Makeover totally cute.
    By the way, new post, check out ♚Tremendous Tidings to find out what I’ve been up to!
    Much Appreciated.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  3. Hey, Rory,
    I was super nice of you to cheer Serena up with the treats and the movies. As I’ve heard, “I have two new men to love, Ben and Jerry.” You go get Saxon, he should give you a big, fat explanation. I love Two Black Cadillacs!

    Kiss, MAB ❤

  4. Hey Rory,
    Great post!
    You are such a nice friend to comfort Serena, and Pitch Perfect is an awesome movie haha. 😀
    Sorry to hear about you finding out about Saxon. ): Hopefully he’ll be explain all the necessary details to you!
    xoxo- Juna∞


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