Dorm Days


Dorm Days

I stretched my aching muscles, quickly changing from my leotard and tights, into my new Alice + Olivia tank top and cropped VS pink sweats.

This new schedule was killing me, but I’m pretty sure no one was more determined than me, there’s no way I would be a Becker. Elizabeth Becker was in Pointe with Ms. Sharp, when she kept getting tired and exhausted, leading to her breaking her leg during a complicated arabesque. She was the talk of the school, she had to be sent home because she, obviously, couldn’t dance anymore.

As for my schedule, here it is:

 7:00 A.M – Breakfast, upper classmen usually go off campus, the STARS and I go to this adorable campus cafe called Free Style.

7:30 – AP English

8:00 – AP World History

8:30 – Biology

9:00 – Geometry

9:30 – Free Period. I usually grab an energy drink and start stretching, or read the latest Glamour.

10:00 – Pointe Class in Studio B with Ms. Sharp

10:30 – Contemporary in Clause C with Alexander Park and Ms. Shira

11:00 – Advanced Ballet in Studio A with Mrs. Green

11:30 – Lunch Period, the STARS sometimes sneak off campus

12:30 – Advanced Tango in Clause A with Sandra

1:00 – Advanced Lyrical in Clause B with Alexander Park and Ms. Brenda

1:30 – Intermediate Tap in Studio B with Ms. Sharp

2:00 – Tumbling in West Wing A with Casey, Lexi, and Vidia.

2:30 –  End of the Day Cool Down in West Wing A with Ms. Shira and Sandra

3:00 – Head back to the dorm, get any  homework done

And the rest is basically whatever. We have a curfew of 11:00, the upperclassmen have curfew and midnight. The STARS quickly made friends with Fiona, the girl from our plane, who was a junior, so we often sneak off campus with her and her friends.

My door opened with a snap, and Satan’s spawn walked in. Oh, I mean Poppy.

It’s been a few weeks since the NYE/Birthday party, and she has Rachel ensnared in her little trap. Not to mention, is a total female dog to the rest of us as soon as Rachel’s back is turned.

“Still trying to beat me, Roars?” She sneered, sitting down on her completely ugly brown bed. I scoffed, looking up from my Biology book, “You aren’t real competition , Sparky,” I faux-smiled at her, returning the stupid pet names. Poppy laughed, “Even if you get better grades than me, I’m still the better dancer,” She said, reaching for my new magazine. I walked over and snatched it out of her hands, “I suppose we’ll just have to see at the Strut Off,” I challenged, raising my eyebrows and tossing Seventeen back on my bed.

Just then Rachel and Taylor walked in, coming from the Cool Down in East Wing A.

“Hey Rory, Hey Satan,” Taylor said casually, plopping down on the plush cream chair in the corner of our dorm. Rachel gave Taylor a look, and turned back to Poppy, and started talking. Wrinkling my nose, I left the dorm room, wanting to clear my head. “See you later, T,” I called behind me, rushing off to the courtyard.

Sighing, I sat down on one of the stone benches, and whipped out my white iPhone5.

‘Hey, haven’t heard from you in a while,’ I texted Saxon.

A reply came a few minutes later. ‘Sorry, its ben so busy, how are u?’ He texted back. I tried not to get too bothered by his lack of spelling.

‘Fine, dance is kicking butt. What are you doing? (: ‘ I replied.

‘I’m out with friends’ Saxon sent back, and in the middle of typing my reply, another text came.

‘Srry babe, i need to go, hayley wants me to watch her bsket toss or sumthin’ He texted again.

I frowned, who was Hayley and why was she doing a basket toss? My mouth dropped open, there was a cheerleading camp going on across from the school he was at, she must be one of the cheerleaders. That still didn’t explain while Saxon was hanging out with her, he had plenty of guy friends to keep him occupied. I sighed, I wasn’t going to be the crazy girlfriend that wouldn’t let her boyfriend have girls who were friends. As long as it was all friendly, I had no problems.

“Hey, Rory,” Tyler said, jogging up. He was the guy from my Tango class. I gave a smile, attempting to look cheery.

“Rough day?” He said, taking a seat next to me.

Avoiding his question, I opted for playful teasing, “I don’t remember offering you a seat,” I said, tapping my Essie-painted nails on my chin.

“I don’t recall you telling me not too,” Tyler retorted, giving me the charming side-smirk he was famous for.

I rolled my eyes, but sighed, going back to his first question, “It’s just Poppy and Saxon drama.”I said. Tyler pretty much knew all of my secrets and thoughts, once you got past the womanizing jerk personality, he was actually nice and empathetic. He nodded, “It will work out. As for Poppy, I’m sure you can figure out some little scheme with your devious head.”

I laughed, giving him a shove.

Things could be looking up, I thought to myself, looking into Tyler’s blue eyes.


Side Notes/Shoutouts:

Due to much deliberation, and consideration of the polls, I have decided to take Candice Accola as my new FaceClaim. 🙂

My pages have all been updated and are now in a new layout, I hope you enjoy!

Also, I invite you all to join Venetian Moore (Dancing With Fiction)’s contest for the best authors on WordPress, I know I’m joining.





15 thoughts on “Dorm Days

  1. Rory,
    Poppy is so annoying! Nobody can beat the famous Rory ;). I hope she doesn’t bother you again! And also thanks for the shout out! Can’t wait till your next post! And I also totally heart your new face claim!

  2. Aw Rory, I’m sure everything with be okay with Saxon. Tyler’s so sweet for caring so much though. (;
    As for Poppy…you’ll have to let me and the STARS know when you do come up with a devious plan. And I know Rach doesn’t agree, but she totally deserved it when I called her Satan. LOL

  3. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Your schedule sounds pretty hectic indeed but you cannot give up, your determination is on top and exactly what you need.
    Sounds like you’re enjoying your time at BDA though.
    Poppy was really testing you about competition, but I’m sure you’ll put her in her place when you finish as the better dancer.
    Things with Saxon and Hayley are pretty questionable, you don’t want to become a crazy girlfriend but definitely keep your eyes peeled.
    I’ll be sure to check out the updated pages and new contest!
    By the way, find out what I’ve been up to recently in my ♚Radiate Rebellion post.
    Much Appreciated.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  4. Rory,
    Your new schedule sounds incredibly busy!
    But, with your determination and strength, you can handle it a busy day.
    I’m sorry to hear about Saxon, hopefully everything will be okay!
    Tyler sounds like such a sweetheart 😉
    Can’t wait until your next post!
    I heart you,
    Alicia Rivera

  5. Rory,

    It sounds like your schedule is packed. Your outfit sounds super cute! I hope you figure out what’s going on with Saxon and Hayley. I love Candice Accola as your new FC. I hope you can fix things with Poppy. Thanks for the shout-out! I love this post! Keep on blogging! 🙂


  6. Hi, Rory!
    Ah-mazing post as usual.
    Your schedule sounds ah-mazing, I would love to take that many dance classes in a day. Your training must get pretty intense.
    I hope that Poppy will simmer down a little and you’ll be able to control her.
    I love Candace Acola as your FC, she’s absolutely perfect for Rory!
    XO, KLS


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