BDA, Here We Come.

I type this to you sitting in Orientation at BDA, yes we finally made it. I’m sure you want to hear all about our sort-of first day, though so I’ll get on with it.

I took one last look at Westchester, my Coach carry-on in hand and the STARS close behind me, before stepping onto the big private jet that had the words ‘Brazille Dance Academy’ scrawled across them.

The jet’s interior was cream floors, dark wood accents, and the walls were cushioned with cream and dark blue patterns. Our bags had been loaded on earlier, so there was only a space above each seat for small bags. Each seat, there were only twelve, had the latest dance and fashion magazines laid out, along with Evian water, Neo flavorings, and some sort of Be Silky lipgloss.

I was snapped out of my observance by a ladies voice, “Girls from Westchester, please pick a seat and sit, we have a long journey to BDA. Just press the black button above your heads if you need any assistance, the restrooms are located in the south wing of the plane. Have a nice flight!”

The STARS all sat together, in four seats facing each other, along with Sadie who sat in the fifth seat.”Um, should we introduce ourselves?” Taylor whispered from my right, looking over at a dark haired girl who was reading a magazine two rows from us. I hadn’t even noticed her. As I looked around, there were two other girls I didn’t know. One had fair skin and long brown hair who was speed texting, and another girl with a short blonde bob that was eating a granola bar.

I nodded,”Sure.”

“Hello everyone!” Rachel bursts, turning around to look at them.

The dark haired girl looked up from her magazine, “Hi! I’m Fiona Monacardi,”She said, her voice heavy with a French accent. “I flew in to New Jersey from Paris two days ago.”

I smiled,”I’m Aurora Blake, but everyone calls me Rory,” I said in a friendly tone. The STARS introduced themselves too, looking expectantly at the other two girls. With a huff, the fair skinned girl with brunette hair looked up from her phone, “I’m Poppy Sparks, I live in New Jersey,” She said, giving a smirk and a raised eyebrow. This girl was trouble.

“So do you guys have a favorite class?” Taylor asked, trying to make conversation.

“Jazz is my preferred dance,” Fiona said.

“I’m the best at all of them, if you excuse me,” Poppy said putting her headphones on, interrupting Elizabeth.

“Err, I like Contemporary the best,” Elizabeth said nervously, glancing at Poppy.

I rolled my eyes at Poppy, girls like that were going to be quickly surprised. but smiled at Elizabeth

It was going to be a long year.

Here are some pictures from our trip!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The STARS and I walked down a long, dark wood hallway, looking at our schedules and dorm information. Somehow we lucked out and got placed in adjoining dorms together.

We finally found the room numbers at the end of the long hallway, before it turned into a corner. We were Dorms 22 and 23. Taylor and I were both in 22, Rachel, Sadie and Serena were all in 23. It was three girls to a dorm, so Taylor and I had another girl rooming with us.

As we walked in, we each claimed our beds on the respective sides of our dorm. There were two rooms with three beds, and a small lounge in between each dorm.


After we all got settled in, unpacking our clothes and unloading our different bath products and makeups, we all were comparing schedules.

As the door to Taylor and I’s dorm opened, we held our breaths in anticipation. Unfortunately, the rude girl from the plane ride, Poppy, was the one who stepped into our dorm with her Versace luggage trailing behind her. She gave us each a dirty look before smiling friendily at Rachel.

This was going to be quite the long year.


 Sidenotes and Shoutouts:

– I’m not sure if any of you have heard, but I am bringing my old Alicia blog back with an original twist!

-I am hoping to participate in The Alpha Files, MKX’s contest.

-I apologize for no Christmas post! I got busy and distracted and it just never happened.

– I am accepted into OCDO, my post will be up on January 12th so look out for it!



8 thoughts on “BDA, Here We Come.

  1. Hey Rory!
    Love this post!
    BDA sounds really exciting, and the flight to there must have been quite comfortable. Poppy sounds totally annoying, and it’s terrible that you would be sharing a room with her. 😦


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