I am currently seated in my indoor poolhouse, typing this on my laptop. I expect to get a new one for Christmas- but that’s not the point. My nails have just been painted a fresh color from OPIs Skyfall collection, I forgot the name. But am I sad.. happy.. excited.. depressed? Read and find out.


We were all gathered in my room- the STARS & I, of course. It was an unusual setting for us because we almost always use my spahouse for pretty much everything.

But this was different- this would change our lives forever and we had to be somewhere special to find out what would happen.

“Okay, so, on the count of three we rip, read, and report,”I said, the cream paper burning holes into my moisturized hands. What we were holding in our hands was letters from BDA. Acceptance letters? Rejection letters?

“One,”Serena said, licking her cherry-glossed lips in anticipation. “Two,”Rachel said a little more quietly, staring down at the envelope. “Three!”Taylor and Sadie yelled, and almost immediately  little shards of paper went flying on to my ground. My automatic thought was that the paper was going to annoy me and someone really should clean that up before I realized I was supposed to be reading.

I tore into the letter, and hungrily ate it up with my glistening eyes.

BDA, blah blah blah, Marleigh Brazille, blah blah blah, high expectations, blah blah blah, accepted, blah blah-wait. I read this over a few more times, ‘Miss Aurora Blake has been cordially accepted into the Brazille Dance Academy. Await the arrival of an informational and permission slip packet,’. 

I looked at the other girls, who all had little smiles on their faces and were waiting for my response. “Accepted!”I squealed, and four more girly squeals came afterwards as we all group hugged and were shouting ‘Me too!’ ‘Ehmagod, me three’ ‘We are all going to BDA’, etc.

I stopped group hugging and withdrew myself from the whirlwind of perfumes,”I need to tell my parents, you call yours,”I said, pretty much running out of the room and stumbling down the stairs.

“Mooom,”I yelled, dragging the ‘ah’ part out way more the necessary , before almost running into my overly pregnant mother. She held me arms length away, frowning, “What, Rory?”She asked crankily.

I waved my acceptance letter in her face like a two-year old,”I got accepted!”

“Oh that’s great honey,”She said, beaming as we awkwardly hugged- the basketball of her stomach made it hard to actually hug. “I’ll go tell your father, we are going to have a congratulations slash going away party tonight at six-thirty. Tell the girls,”Mom said, her Ugg booties making little swish sounds as she walked into the study where my dad was at.

I walked over to the bench where Saxon was sitting at waiting. I watched as he fidgeted, looking almost guilty. Wait, why did he look guilty? I promptly walked over, my Jimmy Choo ankleboots hitting the pavement harder than the last step, until I reached the grass and sat next to him.

“Listen,Rory,”He started, just as I said,”I have to tell you-“. We both stopped and smiled goofily at each other. “You go first,”I said, extremely curious as to what he needed to tell me.

Saxon nodded, looking at the now-browning blades of grass under the bench before lifting his chocolate eyes to meet my Peridot ones. “I haven’t been honest with you. I tried out for this awesome football high school in San Jose, California. I found out yesterday that I made it, I didn’t know how to tell you. I’m moving there next week..”He said.

I pretty much was bursting with joy. Contrary to his much confused and cautious face.

I hug-tackled him, peppering his face with kisses.

“..Rory?”He asked, extremely confused now.

“I have been accepted into Brazille Dance Academy, in Caramel, Cali. San Jose is like an hour and a half away,”I said, a mega-watt grin on my face. “Are you serious?”Saxon asked a slow smile forming on his face. I nodded, he took me into a bear hug and kissed me.

“Come to my Congrats party tonight, my house at 6:30,”I said, leaning against him.

I felt him nod. “Don’t be late, Casanova,”I said, walking away backwards, in the direction of where the car was waiting.

Saxon winked,”Wouldn’t dream of it, sunshine.”

I laughed before getting into the Hummer waiting for me. With a sigh I looked down at my phone, ready to deal with this Unknown Sender I was one-hundred percent sure was Anna.

I walked into the small boutique, my inner bitch radiating off of me.

“Anna,”I said, walking up to the raven haired girl who was looking at a pair of ah-dorable black skinnys. She turned around with a pearly grin,”Aurora, I heard there were some nasty texts flying around.

“Save it, we both know it was you, and you’re going to use that cheap unknown phone to text out an apology immediately,”I said, drawing up to my full height on the boots. We were actually about the same height normally, but with the boots I had two inches on her.

Anna just calmly looked at me before giving me a red smirk,”Why should I do that?”

I smiled deviously at her,”Well first, I have been recording this entire thing so now everyone could know it was you- and I’m sure you sent more texts than just targeting me. Two,”I said, holding my phone up so she could see an embarrassing picture of her from a few weeks ago.

She looked scared straight,”Fine,”She grumbled, whipping a blackberry out of the pocket of her leather jacket and typing. “Done,”Anna said, staring me dead in the ye.

I smiled calmly, “Now, as you probably know, I have been accepted to Brazille Dance Academy. It’s planned for me to go there for the next four years. While I’m there, RCD and Westchester will have no dominant clique or Alpha. That’s where you come in. I help you pick out your clique before I leave, and you can be the Alpha in my place. Only on the terms when the STARS & I come back for breaks, you don’t mess with us and we don’t mess with you. If the STARS are ever to return, we gain our status back. Deal?”I said, enjoying her shocked expression.

“I-um.. Okay,”Anna said slowly, giving me a friendly smile.

“Now, I’m having a Congrats party at 6:30, you are welcome to attend. The STARS and I will set up a time with you soon to help pick out your clique and give you a few rules,”I said, turning to walk out of the shop.

“Rory?”Anna called, and I turned around.

“I hope you kick BDA butt,”She said.

I winked, giving her a genuine smile.

I smiled as Serena got into the limo, the last girl we needed to pick up, and were headed to our Congrats/Going Away party. Rachel’s sister Ava was the only exception to the rule of STARS members only, as Rachel hadn’t told her little sister about auditioning so she was trying to make it up to her.

The limo was full of unimportant chatter and excited squeals as we approached the Blake Estate, the driveway and sidewalk parking already filled.

We all walked through the grand white door, each of us walking through in STARS order, and everyone smiled and our friends gushed at our ah-mazing outfits. Each of us had picked out a dress, and each of us had some touch of glitter to our outfits- it was a rule of ours that when going to events we each had to coordinate somehow. This time it was sparkle, glitter, or sequins. My outfit was a tan Vila Went Dress that had a black skirt with bronze glitter stripes, black Louboutin lady heels, gold hoops and my gold charm bracelet, a gold glitter clutch, and my nails were painted with a red Estee Lauder polish that had a coat of glitter over it.

During the middle of the party, we all set off fireworks for fun, watching as they lit up the sky.

As the party was ending, each of us went around the room making polite small-talk, talking with some friends who went to RCD, thanking our Dance BFFs for their congratulation talks, etc. It was all very happy and pleasant, and the night ended with a sleepover in my Spa House.

“I’m going to miss this,”Rachel said nostalgically, dramatically wiping a fake tear from her eye to lighten the heaviness of her words.

“No more STARS HQ at BDA,”Sadie said, her eyebrows furrowing as she twirled a thread on her pillow.

“We’ll make a new a one. I Cali-STARS HQ,”I said firmly, giving them all a smile.

“No more dairy dates with Saxon,”Serena said, nudging me and smiling.

I stuck my tongue out at her, “I’m sure there are plenty of frozen yogurt places in Caramel,”I said.

“You guys?”Taylor asked, opening the way to a new conversation.

We all raised our eyebrows expectantly, a chorus of ‘Yeah’s?’ bouncing around the Caramel Apple-scented air.

“BDA or California or all the dance girls there isn’t going to change us, right?”Taylor asked, looking at us with wide eyes.

I was the first to respond, “I think it will, for the better. But it wont change us as STARS.”

With that we all blissfully fell into slumber.

Side Notes:

– Do you guys like my new blog makeover? Comment what you think, please! 🙂

– Scarlet Scott interviewed be for her Be-You-Tiful page, go look at it!

– Thank you guys so much for 2,000 views! I may do something special in honor of reaching my first 2k mark, but I haven’t decided.

– We have a new Serena! As LMB has quit/taking a break, MBF has taken it over! 🙂

Love Me or Hate Me,

xx Rory xx


15 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. Rory,

    EMG! Caramel? I can totally drive there with Kiss It and take you and the STARS to Cali Mall. Alice attends BDA occasionally and I was thinking of signing up for the singing program they have down the street. Coincident, I think not!

    Kiss It,
    Scarlet Scott xox

  2. Rory,
    Congratulations for getting accepted into BDA! :] That’s wonderful that Saxon will be moving to a place only a half hour away from your boarding school! That’s sweet of you to give Anna the role of alpha while you’re gone! The going away party sounds like it was tons of fun! Congratulations on getting 2,000 views, you’ve earned it girlie :]

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  3. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Congratulations on being accepted into BDA, although it was totally guaranteed!
    When you were sitting with Saxon I was worried you were going to end things right there but since he will be attending a football high school in San Jose, things couldn’t be more perfect for you both!
    Anna had nothing on you when you demanded she end the rumours, definitely alpha worthy so you made the right choice there.
    The going away/congratulations party sounds like a total blast, not to mention you and the STARS looked stunning!
    The sleepover with the girls afterwards was definitely the perfect way to end the night.
    Adore the blog makeover, totally girly but perfect for Winter.
    New post on my blog, ♚Lovely Lark, be sure to check it out if you’re interested in my Fall Favourites.
    Much Appreciated.
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  4. Hey, Rory!
    Great post! I’m so happy you got accepted into BDAcademy- it’s such a great opportunity!
    I’m so glad that Saxon and you will be able to continue your relationship.
    I ah-dore your makeover, BTW- especially the background! I can never find cute ones that repeat.
    XO, KLS

  5. Hey Rory!
    Great post!
    First of all, a huge congratulations for getting accepted into BDA, I’m sure you and the STARS will have a great time there. It’s great the Saxon is moving to California too, you two will be able to see each other more often then.
    It’s a wonderful idea to get Anna to be the alpha at RCD while you’re gone, and I can’t wait till you return and regain your alpha status at RCD.
    Hope you have a great time at BDA! 🙂


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