The Audition & A Betrayal

An Audition & A Betrayal

I entered the Cafe, my stomach aching with hunger, and of course the STARS following me in our usual ‘V’ point. The Cafe was crowded with people already, but Table 3 was always empty until we arrived- we made sure of that as soon as we assumed power.

The rest of us sat down as Taylor went to go get our orders, we switched every week and this one was hers, and all of us prepared to gossip. “So, I heard, that Victoria from Momentum’s parents wouldn’t let her apply for BDA, because they are moving to Africa in December,”Rachel said, raising her eyebrows as she scribbled in pink Sharpie on our table. It was tradition for RCD Alphas to sit at Table 3 and draw on it- memoires, gossip, secrets, etc. all etched in forever.

“I heard it was because she missed her last monthly gift,”Sadie said widening her eyes with a smirk and tilt of her head. Rachel laughed and smacked her arm,”No way!”

“Anyways,”Serena started, finishing her giggles, “I heard that a certain Monaco transfer student was horribly heartbroken over a certain Alphas new relationship status,”She said, nudging me with a sly smile. I rolled my eyes, but smiled a small smile,”Luke was seen at a party with Marrisa Steinhold, I’m sure he will be fine,”I said playfully.

“Speaking of your relationship status,”Taylor said as she sat down with our food, giving a nod behind me.

I stood up a little too quickly to be casual, but then nonchalantly turned around to see Saxon. He gave his lopsided tooth smile before enveloping me in a quick hug. Needless to say, his Polo cologne smelt ah-mazing. “Mwah!”I said, kissing him on the cheek as we pulled apart. There was a whooping sound from his table, and he gave a chuckle as he relunctantly let go of me, “I’ll talk to you in sixth period.” I nodded with a flirty wink, and sat back down.

As expected, the girls were all giving me giddy smiles and knowing stares.

“What?”I asked innocently.

They all shrugged as we dug into our food, “Doubt there’ll be much talking in sixth period,”I heard Rachel side whisper to Taylor with a grin. “Hey!”I said with a faux-frown, before taking a bite of my fruit salad. They all laughed at my childish mad face.

Outside of the Geometry Room

The bell after sixth period rang, and Saxon and I walked out of the Geometry room together. He walked me to my locker, before giving me a quick kiss while no teacher was in the hall.


“You have to go, if you’re late for Mr.Morrison’s class again he’ll kill you,”I said, smiling like an idiot as I gently pushed him away. He rolled his eyes before kissing me on the cheek, and walking off with a wink and a wave.

I put my books away in my locker, as Yoga was my last class, and closed it with a loud bang.

Grandeur Auditorium

Stage A

They had called each of the STARS to audition, and so here we were, at Grandeur, all lined up behind stage alphabetically, Ms. Berry- the auditioner who is a three time medalist in Ballet- waiting in the velvet seats.

I, being Blake, was to go first.

Each of the STARS wore simple black leotards and nude tights, along with black ballet shoes. Our hair was obviously put into super tight buns, but each of the girls hid their gold star charms in the knot on our heads for good luck. We had discovered five solid gold charms, the last in stock, when we were in third grade- and wore them for every performance since then. It was good luck.

I took my position center stage and let my body take over as ‘Bring Me to Life’, came out of the stereos.

I finished the song with a leap into splits, keeping my head down for exactly ten seconds after the song was over before I stood up and waited for Ms. Berry to dismiss me.

She finished writing on her clipboard before she nodded- with a hint of a smile? Was my mind playing tricks on me? I was brought out of my thought stream as her voice rang out,”Next girl!”

I promptly walked off the stage to the lounge where the STARS and someone named Fiona Richards were waiting- I guess Fiona was from BADS or some other school near the studio.

I nodded at Taylor,”You’re up, good luck,”My voice came out unnaturally nervous.

“I bet you did great,”Rachel assured me, rubbing my back, which was sore from the advanced twists. 

I smiled at her unconvincingly, looking back down at my perfectly French manicured hands.

Rory’s Spa House

Theater Room

11:26 p.m

Each girl was munching on their snack of choice, occasionally talking when the movie got boring. It was Monte Carlo this Friday, and the snacks were all pink colored- we get the house chef to color each food a different color each Friday. 

“I think I bombed my auditions,”Sadie said glumly, biting into a piece of pink popcorn.

I rolled my eyes,”We all did guh-reat and we’re all going to get in. I’m sure Ms.Berry knows talent when she sees it,”I said, taking a sip of pink lemonade, before smirking at them.

“BDA is co-ed, right?”Serena asked, looking at the ceiling as she nonchalantly bit into her strawberry.

We all gaped at her without open-mouthed smiles, “What about Landon?!”Taylor said, wacking Serena with one of the cashmere pillows I had ever so carefully laid out on the velvet seats. “I’m just saying- long distance relationships never work out!”She said in defense, throwing her hands up before her.

We all just muttered trues before returning our mascara-ed eyes to the screen.

What she said hit my hard though- Saxon and I had only been dating for about two weeks and we were crazy about each other. What was I going to do?

Westchester Mall


I walked into Bloomingdales,  enjoying the fresh scents that surrounded me, when I suddenly saw an RCD girl by the pants rack.. laughing at me with an ugly haired blonde next to her.

My phone suddenly just dinged, and I quickly slid it out of the pocket of my new navy peacoat.

I looked at the sender.. it was the same number as the ‘Unknown’ that sent me that picture of Saxon and Kayla kissing. Only this time, the message was worse.

Dear RCD students,

as you all know you live under the reign of STARS.

But has our great leader fallen?

If something as little as this can hurt her- I have a feeling this light will burn out pretty quickly


It was a picture of me, crying with my face puffy and looking down at my phone- the day I got the message about Saxon and Kayla. Only, if you viewed in on my phone, the message said that I was ‘Going down and the worst dancer ever‘, instead of the picture.

That was completely ridiculous- I would blow an LBR that sent that off- I wouldn’t get all emotional.

I’d been betrayed, and set up. I will find whoever this wannabee Gossip Girl is- and she’s going down.

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8 thoughts on “The Audition & A Betrayal

  1. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    The meeting at the café sounds fabulous, catching up on the latest gossip with the girls and bumping into Saxon.
    Even though you were nervous and your mind may have been playing tricks on you, it sounds like the auditions went well so you have no need to worry.
    I’m sure the whole long-distance thing won’t strain you and Saxon’s relationship too badly.
    Whoever sent this message is sure to get a taste of their own medicine soon.
    Fancy a little update on my life? Be sure to check out my ♚Kempt Keen post.
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂

  2. Hey Rory!
    Great post! You and Saxon are absolutely adorable together. Don’t worry, I’m sure the STARS did well in their auditions and will all be accepted into BDA. Hmm…. I’m wondering who that mysterious sender might be… Looking forward to your next post! 🙂


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