Saints & Sinners

Saints & Sinners

I double looked my outfit in the mirror one last time, making sure nothing was out of place, before texting the STARS and then standing at the marble stairs, the only thing between me and the raging party below. I slowly descend the stairs, most of the people looking up and smiling, some to busy with dates or drinks to really notice.

At the bottom of the stairs, I met up with the STARS, who were all decked out. Serena was wearing a white a-line dress, gold shimmery leggings, white pumps with bows. Rachel was wearing a black sweetheart neckline dress, opaque tights, red cowboy boots, Taylor had on a white greek-styler dress, gold gladiators, and gold glitter in her straight hair. Sadie was was a short flirty dress with a white bodice and black skirt, with her new black Jimmy Choos.  All with appropriate masks.

As for me?

I was wearing a fitted, sweetheart neckline, red bandeau dress alternating satin and red sequins, Louboutin black heels,  a black watersnake clutch, vintage black mask, burgundy lipstain, and my hair was down in golden curls. I usually would be a little more modest about myself- but I admit I looked great.

We all walked around the room, mingled, said hello to everyone, had to keep our subjects loyal- especially when a snake was going around sucking the loyal out of her victims and replacing them with cheap-fake-obviouslyknockoff venom.

Speaking of Anna, I watched as she appeared at the refreshment table with narrowed eyes, I had my certain her invite got lost in the mail.

I walked over to her, temporarily abandoning the girls just as Rachel started whispering to me.

“Anna, sweetie, I thought your invite got lost in the mail?”I asked, smiling brightly, batting my eyes. She narrowed her own blue ones,”Must have, so I made Ariel Summer give me hers, isn’t that right, Ariel?”Anna said, looking at the brunette expectantly. Ariel made quick nervous movements under the two glares of light eyes. “I-um, yeah, I gave you mine, but uh,-“Ariel started, before I put my lotioned-hand in front of her pale face.

“So, Annaliese, come to make more empty threats or getting tips for when you throw your knock-off party?”I asked, raising an eyebrow with a burgundy smirk.

Her lips curled up in a snarl before an extremely hot male came up to put his hand on her shoulder,”Anna, who’s your friend?”The guy had the same accent as Anna, only his sounded real.
 “Rory Blake, hostess,”I said politely.

The guy was an inch taller than me, and strong looking. He had short-longish blonde hair and baby blue eyes. “I’m Annas cousin, Lucas, but I prefer Luke, I transferred here from Monaco.” My jaw almost dropped- Anna’s cousin? He was nice, polite and she was sickly, and bitchy. “Are you going to RCD, Luke?”I asked, adding a friendly smile. I notice he was wearing a white mask and suit, that corresponded with mine perfectly.

He nodded, and opened his mouth to reply,then Anna cut him off,”Nice chatting, Aurora, but Lukey here has a curfew,”She said crossly, dragging a confused Lucas out of my house. I was just about to call to have a good evening when I heard a very large crash. I immediately turned around, fuming, looking for the damage.

My mothers crystal vase was laying shattered at the foot of the stairs, a very startled Rachel and Sadie a few feet to the left of it, and a red Jenna van der Hasten looking murderous. Oh, and a scared-out-of-his-suit Zac behind Jenna.

My heels were the only sound as the music had even got paused as I rushed over,”What the hell is going on?”I yelled at Jenna, looking back and forth between Rachel and Jenna. “The psychotic maniac just threw your moms vase for no reason!”Rachel said, startled and angry.

“No reason?!”Jenna screeched,”I guess constantly hearing about how Rachel likes Zac or Zac likes Rachel or Rachel broke Zacs heart for Cam, isn’t a reason!”Jenna screamed, taking her heels off.  “You wanna go, let’s go, Rachel,”She said, trying to slap Rachel as Zac easily restrained her. Sadie was trying not to laugh behind Rachel.

“You-you get off of me!”Jenna said, swatting Zac on the arm.

Please, Jenna! We all know you cheated on Zac with Robert Humphrey at summer camp! I was there!”Teresa Boscanaro yelled from the sidelines, putting her head in her hands.

Zac stood there emotionless,”What?”He said, confused and hurt at the same time, “You said he kissed you on the last day of school but you pulled away- what the hell, Jenna?”Zac yelled, throwing his hands up in the air. “No-Zac- it wasn’t like tha-“She started, grabbing at him, pleading, “No-Jenna, just go. We’re through,”He said, storming into the backyard.

I was tempted to tell him that no one was allowed back there (what? they weren’t..) but I let it slide as Rachel went after him.

“Go back to the party,”I yelled, and ‘Bee’s In A Trap’ came on as I walked over to Taylor, Serena, and Sadie. “Well,”I said, not really sure where to begin.  Sadie burst out laughing, and we all burst into infectious giggles. “Did- did you see… Jenna.. try to fight.. Rach?”Sadie said, between laughs, out of breath. We all nodded, grabbing at our stomachs.

Once the laughter died down and we were standing there with goofy smiles on our faces, Taylor asked,”Do you think their going to get together?” I nodded. Zac had been crushing on Rachel since second grade, and Rachel was just always a little too preoccupied. We all mildly talked amongst each other, until Serena nudged me.

“Saxons here..”She whispered, looking in the direction I assumed he was in. I felt a tiny squeeze on my chest. I had been crushing on Saxon for two weeks now, and we had become friends- with flirting, mostly from my part, but whatever. We went to the movies in a group, got froyo afterwards alone, things like that. Then I heard a rumor that he was going to ask out Maddie Daunt from a bunch of people, and that Maddie really liked him, and they were even better friends than he and me. I was crushed by my crush.

I slowly looked over to where she was looking, and sure enough, a boyishly handsome guy in a black tuxedo stood at the left of the floor, near the door, and unfortunately, Maddie was right next to him with her cousin Devin and one of their mutual friends. I felt the same twinge, just a little tighter, and Saxon looked up at me. He gave a small wave, to which I didn’t return, and went back to talking with Maddie.

Just as I turned back to the STARS ready with a speech about how I was over him that they wouldn’t believe and break me down into well, breaking down, my phone went off. I pulled out the white iPhone5, and read a text. ‘Ariel Summers gave me your number. We should grab yogurt some time. -Lucas’ it read.

So what do I do now?

Love Me or Hate Me,

xx Rory xx

Side Notes:

Four other girls and I will be making a new collab fashion/help blog! I will put the link up whenever we finish- check it out when we do! (:

Hopefully I’m still in FMBXO’s contest, Round One ends today. Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “Saints & Sinners

  1. Rory,
    The party sounds like it was a ton of fun! Lucas seems very interesting, you should get to know him since Saxon seems to be interested in Maddie. Good luck in FMBXO’s contest!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB


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