Excuse Me?

I sit on the fluffy cashmere couch in the spa room, trying to relax after a stressful day & dance work out. My Essie nail polish has just been perfectly painted on, a few sparkles added on the fresh polish here and there. A creamy mug of hot chocolate lies in wait for me on the table, Clueless just now starting up on the flat screen. Hope you enjoy the post, my lovlies, as I was very irritated writing it.


Excuse Me?

My new Louboutins make little sounds as the STARS and I walk into RCD, smiling and saying ‘Hi’ to our followers who wave to us and ask about our party. We had finished out all the details for the Saints & Sinners ball, so we decided to relax for a day or two.

Everyone goes to the Cafe for some light breakfast if you come early, which today we did. “I hope they still have blueberry bagels left- those are to die for,”Serena said, smiling happily. I laughed, loving how food obsessed but still twig-thin she was. “Well, I just hope the chai tea hasn’t gone cold, it’s always soothing before Mr. Heberts extremely boring History class,”Taylor said, rolling her eyes in disgust. My Herbert was like a billion years old and a nice man- but he no longer new how to teach.

We all walked in sync to One More Night by Maroon 5, entering the large, refreshing Cafe. There were about thirty students already there, some quietly eating or dirnking, some conversing with their friends, some had their noses shoved into books for last-minute studying. But for some reason, there was an unusual crowd around the cold drink cooler.

Rachel frowned next to me, leaning in to whisper,”Do you know what’s going on?” I shook my head, confused. Was there a signup sheet over there or something?

Then I heard the most obnoxious donkey laugh from the middle of the little crowd, and out stepped a jet black haired, tan, blue eyed, STAR worthy girl, laughing her perfectly straight head off. I, of course, would have known anyone at RCD with this much potential, so this girl had to be new here. It was an Alphas job to make sure potential threats were in their place. 

I walked over to where the crowd was, the girls following me, plastering my sweet society smile on. “Hello, you must be new,”I said, saying ‘new’ like I was pitying her,”I’m Aurora Blake.”  The girl gave me a fake smile in return- showing off obviously unnatural, almost blue, white teeth. “Oh? I’m Annaliese George, but- call me Anna,”Anna said, and I was momentarily taken back by the phony British accent. Be nice Rory, she may not have an agenda, I told myself. “Call me Rory? So you moved here from..?”I said, tipping my golden curls to one side.

“England, of course,”Anna replied, adjusting her Faux-Coach bag on her arm. “Mhm, well if you need anything, just ask me or the STARS,”I said, gesturing to the girls behind me. “Serena Miller,”Serena said, twirling a strand of her dirty blonde hair. Rachel stopped filing her already-round nails and said,”Rachel Woodlands,”with a bored tone and no polite expression. “Taylor Lloyd,”Taylor said adding a polite smile after getting nudged by Sadie. Sadie smiled and said,”And I am Sadie Mercer.”

“Oh, that’s cute,”Anna said, giving another fake smile. “I love your bag, Rory, maybe sometime you can borrow the real thing?”She said, eyeing my Dior.

The room fell silently, and I could hear my lipgloss-coated lips pop open. “Excuse me?”I said, all signs of politeness gone from my appearance. 

“There’s no shame in having a fake, don’t worry,”She said, shrugging.

Number one, my bag wasn’t even available to buy yet, let alone a fake, and Number 2, even if it was (and it wasn’t) why in the Prada does she think she could call me out on it. I gave a small humorless laugh,”Listen, Annaliese, my bag isn’t even available for people like you to buy yet, and it’s obvious you don’t know who you are attempting to mess with,”I said, my voice went from Marachino-sweet to frostbite-fire.

“We’ll see about that, Aurora,”She said, smirking.


Side Notes:

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Love Me or Hate Me,

xx Rory xx


10 thoughts on “Excuse Me?

  1. Rory,
    Anna sounds ah-nnoying. I hate how she thinks she can just be rude to you like that for no reason whatsoever. But anyways, I know that the STARS will find a way to beat her in gymnastics. 🙂

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

  2. Hey Rory!
    Wow, sounds like that Annaliese is totally full of herself! But I’m sure that you and the STARS will deal with her and kick her back to England ASAP.
    P.S.-Would you like your URL to be on my Amazing Blogs on WP page? If yes, tell me ASAP and I’ll put your URL there. 🙂

  3. Hello Darling,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Relaxing after you’ve accomplished something, in your case the details for the Saints And Sinners ball is always beneficial.
    Even though Annaliese sounded like she had STAR potential, she definitely blew her chance of acceptance, talk about feisty, especially with her remark about your bag.
    Heart the new blog makeover, good luck in Fabulous Massie Block’s contest! I’ll be sure to check out STARS’ new Sadie.
    Congratulations on the views!
    “Will you walk into my parlour?”
    Be sure to check out my most recent post to enter ♚Gruesome Goolies!
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂


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