It Started With A Whisper

Its Started With A Whisper…

I did a double-check of myself in my floor length mirror, making sure I looked perfect but not like I was trying to hard. I was wearing a white bralet/corset top that had blue American Eagle birds on it by Blonde & Blondie, ripped shorts, and my gold gladiator sandals. Underneath I was wearing my navy blue two-piece bandeau bikini. My hair was down in it’s usual blonde beach waves, and I had applied light lip gloss and waterproof mascara.

I looked great, if I do say so myself, which I do.

I checked my phone one last time, sending a text to the STARS letting them know I was on my way.

Minny and Dusty came running up to me, covering my bare legs in puppy kisses. I laughed, “I’m sorry you two, you can’t come.” I felt bad about leaving them, but they would get over it five minutes after I was gone.

After saying goodbyes to the housekeeper, Dana, I hopped in the family Hummer H2, driven by the family driver, Timothy.  I settled down in the cool leather seats, dropping my Coach bag on the ground. “The usual, Tim, then to Micaela’s house,”I said. At the beginning of the year, I made sure Tim had memorized a list of addresses. The usual was Rachels house, then Taylors, then Sadies, then Serenas. I picked them up on the way to school every morning.

I was absorbed in my Twitter when Rachel got in the car.

“Ror. Rory. Aurora!”I looked up at the sound of my full name, coming out of the temporary haze.

“What bikini are you wearing?”She asked, nodding in approval over my outfit.

“The navy blue bandeau and matching bottoms we got when we went shopping and ran into Ramona Lockhart,”I said, remembering easily. I had a bad short term memory, but a great long one.

Rachel studied her nails for a second before remembering, “Ohh. Cute!”She said as Taylor and Sadie got in the car. They lived two houses down from each other- luckies.

After surveying and commenting on each others outfits, Taylor asked,”So, you think Serena is really going to go through with it?”

I shrugged,”She sounded sure of herself on the phone.” I looked back at my phone. Brandon hadn’t texted me in two days- see what I meant about confusing?

We drove up to Serenas house, and I quickly told Tim to turn his lights off and wait on the street.

All four of us piled out of the car, and went through the side gate. I texted Serena, ‘We’re here! Hurry up!”

Serena then came silently running out of the house two minutes later, and we all bolted for the car. Once we had made it and we were safely driving did we all start cracking up at each others flushed faces and heaving lungs.

“If they find out you’re going to be in so much trouble,”I warned Serena, grinning and shaking my head. Serena just shrugged, “Oh well. It’s not like my parents bother to discipline me.”

It wasn’t but a few minutes that go by listening to my iPhone 4S, and we reach Micaela’s house.

Her house was pretty big, and right now you could hear the music, splashing, and see the glow sticks from her backyard.

“Come on, girlies!”Sadie said, taking the lead and grabbing our hands. We entered through the side gate, following the stone path until we got safely to the patio, where everyone was gathered by the pool. I quickly noticed Brandon standing by Massie Block and Kristen Gregory, but decided to play it cool and ignore them. I walked up to Micaela, the STARS in coordinating form behind me of course, and put my hand on her shoulder to get her attention.

“Micky!”I exclaimed with faux-enthusiam, the STARS all saying hello and waving behind me.

“Oh my gosh, Rory! Sadie! Taylor! Rachel! Serena! I’m so glad you guys decided to come! My friend Oliva is friends with Alicia Rivera from the PC, so she made me invite them I swear!”Micaela added quickly.

I waved my hand nonchalantly, smiling, as Serena said behind me,”The Pretty Committee wishes they were us, not the other way around, Mic,”I could hear the underlaying bitch tone in her voice, so I threw in a smirk to back it up.

“See you later, Micaela,”I said, turning to the drink area as I caught a glimpse of Taylor giving Micaela a huge fake smile. I inwardly laughed.

I picked up a virgin strawberry daqri, each of the girls getting the same or a Gatorade. “I see Brandon,”Serena whispered to me as we sat down in the colorful chairs put on display. I nodded, staring ahead and not looking at Serena. “Do you think Massie likes him?”She asked, cocking her head to the left. I shrugged- I was beginning to not like him; wasn’t like he was showing me any interest. Rachel shook her head, apparently Serena didn’t have good whispering skills. “Alicia likes him. She broke up with Josh Hotz for him. Mic’s dumb friend Olivia texted me earlier- Micaela was too afraid to tell us herself,”Rachel said.

I rolled my eyes, the used the emerald green babies to scout for any HARTs.

Eventually, I settled on a group of guys I knew were from RCD- soccer players. I smiled at Serena, and flicked my eyes in their direction, letting Serena pass on the message. Sadie stood up first, almost running to where they were.

Once we were all slow walking after her, Taylor whispered to me,”Who are they, again?” Taylor couldn’t see well in weird lighting- such as now, with the dark and the glowsticks. I looked back over at the group. It was Cade Michaels, Zac Dirio, Saxon Tandree, Will Denner, Wesley Pak, and Jake Osgood. They were friends with the baseball boys (Brandon, Tyler Silvas, John Linch, and Mitchell Crown) but they mostly stayed to their respective groups. “Cade, Zac, Saxon, Will D., Wesley, and Jake Osgood,”I whispered back right as we approached.

I took in all the boys, only one had a girlfriend -Zac- and the rest were single. And cute. I never really noticed before but Saxon looked a lot like Josh Hutcherson- whom I found gorgeous. Saxon had light brown hair and blue eyes though. I smiled flirtatiously, Zac and Cade were the leaders of the group, but my gaze rested on Saxon. “Hey boys,”I said, all of them acknowledging me, Saxon getting a tinge of pink across his cheeks I could barely see in this light. Sadie laughed  at something Wesley said, he and Will being the major clowns of the group.

“I didn’t know you were coming, Rory?”Cade asked, frowning.

I shrugged, “It’s the last Friday, and party, before school, of course I came,”I said, grinning. I let my eyes flicker over to Saxon, who was listening to something Taylor and Rachel were telling him and Zac.

Cade was my best guy friend, and I knew I could trust him, so I decided to let him in on the new secret. I moved closer to him, so I could lean in and whisper,”Saxon doesn’t have a girlfriend, right?” I rolled my eyes at Cades surprised then amused expression.

“He’s never had one,”Cade said grinning. Cade probably thought he was sabotaging my almost-maybe-hopefully-future relationship with this comment; but if we’re being honest (and we are) then I have to say I thought that was adorable.  It meant I could teach him everything he needed to know- and I was a very good teacher. 😉

I laughed and smiled, winking at Cade before letting my gaze, once again, rest on Saxon. I wondered why I had never noticed him before.

Before I could start over-anazlyzing and thinking, Serena tugged on my arm. I looked at her, frowning about the rough contact, “Someone just puked in the pool!”She said, grossed out. “Oh my gosh, guys, this party just turned completely LBR. Let’s go,”I said, not needing to worry if the STARS were following me or not.

I knew they were.


EMG! Dolls!

I finally convinced my BFF to make a WordPress.

She is very talented, and luhves the Clique Books.

She is deciding between making a Dylan or Kristen- so if you’re                                                                                                                                             

a Massie or a PC looking for a Dylan or Kristen, comment or Contact Me

which girl you need and I’ll see which she wants to do!

Thanks, dolls!!


Love Me Or Hate Me,

xx Rory xx


20 thoughts on “It Started With A Whisper

  1. Hey Rory!
    I ah-dore your blawg. Its totes ah-mazing. Your posts and writing are absolutely perfect. Mind reading my post?
    I’m a Massie looking for a Kristen Gregory and a Dylan Marvil. So, basically, I’m leaving it up to her! Luh-ve to talk to you soon!

    Xoxo One and Only,


  2. Hey Rory!

    I luh-ve your posts. Tell your friend that blawgging on WP is totes fun. My Massie asked me to join and I luh-ve every moment of it. We are looking for a Kristen Gregory and a Dylan Marvil. So, what ever she chooses is totes fine!

    With Luh-ve, xoxo,

    Chelsea Van Der Woodsen<3

  3. Hey!
    Your blog is like x10 adorbs. Saxon sounds really cute plus I totally luhve his name! I am a new blogger so I am trying to find some new friends. Check out my latest post?



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