It’s Always a Good Time

Welcome to the fabulous, dramatic life of Rory Blake, dolls. ღ

It isn’t ideal, training hard and long hours, moving until your feet are covered in bruises, but it’s my life; our life, and we love it. Some girls think we have it so good and everything comes so easy to us- and sometimes it does. But we all had to kick butt to get where we are now, and anyone who says different is just looking for an excuse to hate us.

Who is ‘us’? Why, it’s the STARS. Sadie, Taylor, (me), Rachel, and Serena. The It Girls, the girls everyone copies, envies, and wants to be. We wear the stylish clothes, get the cutest clothes, and have four best friends. We are dancers, and we were dancers before we met; which was in 2nd Grade.

I snap out of my childhood memories as Taylor nudges me. My bright green eyes snap up to look at my girls, who’s array of eyes were looking back at me expectantly. I gave a charming smile,”May I help you?”

Serena rolled her eyes but smiled, “I was asking if there was any news on Brandon?”

My traitorous heart skipped a beat,”Nope,”I said, popping the ‘p’ and shrugging like I didn’t care. Unfortunately, I did care, and unfortunately everyone knew but respected me enough to go along with what I said.

Brandon Bone was the star of RCDs soccer and baseball teams, and was apart of the select HARTs at RCD. He had tan skin, chocolate hair, and shiny Hershey colored eyes. I’ll admit- I like teasing and flirting, but I had developed a real crush on him. I was completely confused if he was crushing on me though.

Being honest, it was irritating not knowing his feelings, but if you know me, I flutter from guy to guy every other week. (I’m not a slut or anything, I’m just kind of indecisive. And flighty. And flirty.)

After lunch was over, the STARS all went to their appropriate homes -cough- mansions -cough- , and immediately called each other.

“Hello?”Serena was the last to get on our five-way call.

” ‘Lo, everyone’s on,”I said.

“So are we going to Micaela’s party or not, Rory?” Sadie asked. I could tell she was pacing her closet for an outfit.

“Mmm… Alright yeah, we’re going,”I decided, going to my own closet for an outfit.

“I’m not sure I can go. I’m grounded,”Serena said.

“Aww, but there is gonna be so many HARTs!”Rachel whined into the phone.

“Alright, pick me up around back,”Serena eventually said.

I raised my eyebrows, Serena wasn’t usually this daring.

“K, I’ll be at everyones house starting at Taylors in 10. Love you, bye,”I said, promptly hanging up.

No, we aren’t lesbians, but these girls were like my sisters. You tell your family you love them, right?

I quickly decided on the shirt, shorts, and bikini I planned on wearing, then went into the bathroom do fix my hair and makeup. I grinned in excitement, parties were my thing, and gave Minny a quick pat.

To Be Continued 😉

xx Rory xx


10 thoughts on “It’s Always a Good Time

  1. Hey Rory,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress!
    Dancing is such a sophisticated, feminine sport.
    Hopefully you’ll hear from Brandon soon.
    Have fun at the party!
    By the way, new post, check it out when you get chance?
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x 🙂


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