The STARS are the girls that rule the school. Under the Alpha-ship of Rory Blake and the second-in-command of Serena Miller, these dancers are unstoppable. Previously ruling their private school Rosewood Country Day, they were all accepted into the elite Brazille Dance Academy. The girls all met in second grade at their hometown audition-only dance studio, Momentum, and things just clique-d. Anyone who challenges them is quickly put into their place.

Serena Miller

Serena is the unchallenged beta of STARS. Usually sweet and nice, she has a wild side to her that keeps the girls on their toes.

Rachel Woodlands

Rachel is the sweet girl of the group, though doesn’t have much patience and often gets snappy. 

Taylor Highland

Taylor is friendly, and nice. She keeps everyone grounded, and is the most responsible dancer.


Sadie St. Clair

Sadie is the sweetest girl of the group, but does have her bitch-y moments.

Want to be apart of the STARS?

Right now our clique is completely FULL and we are NOT accepting new members, thank you though. We are also not accepting any Waverly Academy students. Thanks!

How To Apply:

Comment or E-mail this Application-

Character Name:


Why You Want to be a STAR:

Blog Address:

Paragraph About Yourself:


102 thoughts on “STARS

  1. Name- Serena
    Looks- Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes!
    Blog Address- Not yet made, can you reserve a spot for me though, as I am making it?
    Why You Want To Be A STAR- Everyone wants to be a STAR. 🙂 But only some have the talent.
    Which Dance Do You Take?- Ballet
    How active are you- With boys? Very. 🙂 With wannabes? Full. With dancing? 5 days a week.
    I was hoping you could keep a spot open? Thanks anyway!

  2. Name- ★Taylor London Lloyd★

    Looks- Black hair, and blue eyes. Her blue eyes are striking since she has a russian mother and aftrican father, making her have a milk chocolate skintone, which is striking against tiffany blue eyes.

    Blog Address- Reserve, please?♥

    Why You Want To Be A STAR- I love to sing, act, dance, and model, and I always have confidence. I used to be bullied- at OCD, where everyone was envious of my appearence, and that made them really jealous. The fact that my mother is a famous ballet dancer, and my father is a world-renouned doctor, didn’t help. And when they saw me in Teen Vogue, acting as a guest in shows, and doing other things, well…that didn’t help either. ☂ So I looked in RCD, and I decided it would be the place for me. I would go here and be myself. I consider myself very athletic, confident, sensitive, and people have told me a carry myself with the it factor, and ahv-iously the rest of the girls in STARS have the it factor, too.

    Which Dance Do You Take?- I take Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemperary, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, and Acro (just a little, even though I’m pretty flexible). I am the best at Ballet though, since I’ve been trained in Ballet since I could talk.

    How Active Are You?- I consider myself pretty active in the community. I try to check my comments and comment on other’s posts, and I will post whenever I am not too busy. I make sure each of my posts are at least 1,000 words each.

    Well, my parents are strict, so they don’t allow me to have any accounts on social networks (aim, etc,) Therefore, I would not be able to do any AIM chats, if I do get in. In the DSL Daters, Becca is the youngest girl of the group, so I was wondering if Taylor could be the youngest (age 13).

    Sawry this is so long, my head was sprouting with ideas as I wrote (which it tends to do, without my permission) XD

    Taylor L. Lloyd

  3. Name- Rachel Elle Woodlands
    Looks- Long toffe colored hair with caramel lowlights, tall tan with a ballet body.
    Blog Address- I will make one soon!
    Why You Want To Be A STAR- Well first off I was born a star! My father being a famous movie producer, and my mom being the editor of Elle magazine. I have grown up in the spotlight and I would’nt have it any other way!

    Which Dance Do You Take?- Ballet, jazz, contemporary, and modern. My best style is jazz, because I love anything high-energy.
    How Active Are You?- I post once or twice every two weeks, I am actually a dancer and i’m in a ton of clubs so my time is limited. But I am open to a posting scheduale if there is one.

  4. Name- Sadie Annebelle Parker
    Looks- Long, wavy, caramel hair with light forest green eyes

    Blog Address- I’ll make one soon, but mind holding a spot for me?

    Why You Want To Be A STAR- Why wouldn’t I want to be one? But, it’s ah-vious you can’t just let anyone waltz in 😉 That’s why I think I’ve got what it takes! My mother owns a dance studio called Star Dance Life so she’s serious about at home dancing, in our three story home, with 5 extra guest bedrooms, since I’m an only child. My father always lets me pose a bit for things like Chanel, since he’s one of the biggest owners of it.

    Which Dance Do You Take?- Ballet, Acro, and Jazz! I’m extremely flexible and I’m more about the tricks. Music speaks to me and I could dance to anything and everything

    How Active Are You?- In my BFF’s? Daily. In fashion? More like 24/7. I’m competitive, but I can’t help setting that carefree spirit, well, free. Fashion and Friends are all I need. (With alittle sprinkle of boys)

    Hope I’m accepted!

    ~Love and Hugs from
    MBF ❤

  5. Name- Sadie Nicole Morgan

    Looks- Sleek straight blonde hair and ice blue eyes.

    Blog Address-

    Why You Want To Be A STAR- My mom was world famous dancer- Averi Morgan. I want to follow in her footsteps. She owns the Turning Pointe dance studio. My dad is famous choreographer Jason Morgan. He choreographed Britney, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and more! Dancing is practically in my blood and that makes me more competitive then ever.

    Which Dance Do You Take?- I take ballet, jazz, acro, and hip hop. (But between you and me ballet is my favorite.

    How Active Are You?- In dance? I luh-v to dance. I’m always dancing, but just because I luhv to dance doesn’t mean I don’t do other things. I also like to sing and sketch outfits. I also luhv hanging out with my best friends and my boyfriend Jake.

  6. Haha! Sorry! I meant to do it on this account! I wanted to do two different accounts! My mistake! Currently making it


  7. Oh, one quick question, is it okay if I have a Google Talk instead of an AIM? I have strict parents, but Google Talk works on AIM, but sadly I can’t group chat!

    ~Love and Hugs
    Sadie ❤

  8. Hey Rory! (Sorry, it’s massieblockforeva on my new account, A.K.A. former sadieannabelleparker)
    Did you get my email yet? I’m so sorry about leaving! 😦
    I swore to my best friend, so I had to! Hope you understand!

    ~Allison Shields

  9. Heyy I’d like to ah-pply for Sadie!
    Name- Sadie Emily Mercer

    Looks- She has long wavy black hair with dark brown eyes. She stands out because of her tall long legs and a natural tan skin nearly all year round.

    Blog Address- Still in progress

    Why You Want To Be A STAR- The STARs are ah-mazing and super exclusive! My mother was a famous super model that has been a guest star on America’s Next Top model. My dad is a famous movie producer. Although my dad is full Asian and is constantly on my case about guys and grades!

    Which Dance Do You Take?- Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical

    How Active Are You?- With the right HART? Well of course! Drama? I’m caught in the middle. With my grades? Thanks to my dad ah-lot!
    EXTRA- I have an AIM, but its not for Sadie. I can always make an AIM though.

  10. Hey, Rory!
    I just wanted to say sorry for not posting lately, with school and all.
    I’m not dead- just saying ❤
    Wanted to just check in with you 🙂
    This is Taylor, btw, on my Massie account 🙂

  11. Character Name: Brooklyn Taylor

    Faceclaim: Danielle Campbell

    Why You Want to be a STAR: Because I am what this clique is named. I have always loved your blog and you are an amazing blogger and alpha. You know all the ins and outs of word-press and your blog is classy and fabulous. It’s my dream to be part of your exclusive and ah-mazing X10 clique. STARS is the best clique I know and I want to be part of it. I know a lot of people are probably auditioning to be in STARS but If I did get in it would mean so much to me.

    Blog Address:

    Paragraph About Yourself: I was the alpha of my old clique in New York until my parents told me to pack everything and move to California. There were tears shed and I was so depressed but I knew that because I was the alpha I was I could make it anywhere. I show up in designer head to toe with impossibly glossy brown hair but it seems everyone here is RL Photo Shoot perfect. I don’t know if I’m the best of the best because this small pond has suddenly turned into a shark tank. But no way is it going to get me down because I may not have as much a leverage because of my beauty but I my god-given dancing ability won’t fail me now. Every alpha needs change and some take it as a new Prada but I take it as a new challenge. Watch out Cali because theres a new star in town.


  12. Hey Aurora!Or do you prefer Rory? I talked to Serena and asked if there was any way I could apply for an extra character at Waverly. She said I should apply here on your blog, so here’s my application!

    Character Name: Devin Parker

    Faceclaim: Megan Nicole

    Why You Want to be an Outsider : Because it would be really fun to get outside of my comfort zone and have some fun with other girls.

    Blog Address: I haven’t made it yet, but it will be

  13. I would love to be an extra character! I wanted to see if there was any way possible before I applied 🙂 Let me know what you think and let me know if there are any STARS available to RP!

  14. Hey Rory,
    I wonder if I can be a close friend of your blog character? My clique is the BITCH, and I just currently made my blog. If you have any questions, welcome to ask! Also, I’d appreciate it so much if you can recommend members for my clique! My blog link is
    Xx Heather xX

      • Aurora, sorry but I am now an independent blogger on WP, which means I’m no longer in The Clique circle, and I am free to use any claims, etc. This is part of my real life blog too, and it’s also for people in my real life to see. Please respect that. 🙂

  15. I’ll unfollow all your blogs and hopefully you’ll do the same. And also it’s not midnight in where I’m living, so yeah.

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